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Savannah Sunrise is a heartfelt and amusing movie that follows the journey of Joy, a fifty-something woman, who takes a road trip from Chicago to Savannah with her husband, Bob. The movie stars Shawnee Smith as Joy, Shawn Christian as Bob, and Pamela Reed as Wanda, a quirky and lively woman the couple meets on their journey.

Joy is a businesswoman who is expecting to retire soon, and Bob is a retired policeman who is struggling with adapting to a life without work. As they set off on their trip, Joy is excited for the adventure, while Bob is reluctant and worried about the cost. However, they soon find themselves in an unexpected situation, and must rely on each other as they try to get out of trouble.

During the trip, they encounter Wanda, who becomes their companion for the ride. Wanda is full of energy and life, and she brings a sense of humor to the otherwise mundane journey. As they travel through different states, Wanda introduces them to the joys of the southern culture, with its charming hospitality, exquisite food, and breathtaking landscapes.

However, their picturesque journey comes to a halt when the trio finds themselves in trouble. They are mistaken for bank robbers and must come up with a plan to clear their names. This situation thrusts them into a situation that requires them to use their wits and resourcefulness to escape an escalating situation.

The characters in this movie are all unique and charming, and each brings something different to the story. Joy is a dynamic character, and over the course of the journey, she discovers new things about herself and her marriage. Bob is a character who is struggling to find his place in retirement, and his journey shows the viewer that it is never too late to find your passion.

Wanda is the character who brings the most joy to the film. Her playful and humorous nature is infectious, and she transforms the journey from an ordinary road trip into an adventure. Her optimistic outlook on life is a refreshing contrast to the other two main characters, who are struggling with their own issues.

Savannah Sunrise is a delightful movie that is heartwarming, funny, and suspenseful. The story explores themes of love, friendship, self-discovery, and the importance of living life to the fullest. The southern charm that the movie portray adds a layer of authenticity to the story, and the stunning landscapes provide breathtaking visuals.

The performances of the main cast are all excellent, with Shawn Christian and Shawnee Smith delivering believable and nuanced performances as Joy and Bob. The standout performance, however, comes from Pamela Reed, who effortlessly brings Wanda to life with her infectious energy and impeccable comedic timing.

Director Randall Stevens does an excellent job of balancing the different tones of the movie, and he handles the suspenseful moments with skill, keeping the viewer on the edge of their seat. The script by John S. Newman and Christian Swegal is sharp, witty, and heartfelt, and it captures the nuances in the relationships between the characters.

Overall, Savannah Sunrise is a movie that offers something for everyone. It's a movie that is lighthearted and enjoyable, but it also has depth and substance. The southern charm of the movie is infectious, and the characters will leave a lasting impression on the viewers. This movie is a must-watch for anyone who is looking for a heartwarming and entertaining movie.

Savannah Sunrise is a Comedy movie released in 2016. It has a runtime of 88 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.0..

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