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My Dad's a Soccer Mom is a 2014 family-sports-drama film directed by Randall Stevens. The film is a heartwarming tale about parental commitment, work-life balance, and a discovery of new passions. It stars Lester Speight, Skai Jackson, and Wendy Raquel Robinson, with each taking on their characters' multidimensional lives, adding depth to the narrative. The film's central character is Lester Speight's character, Marion "Mad Dog" Casey. Once an iconic NFL star, the massive ego and towering physique of Mad Dog, who charmed the sporting world, beautifully contrasts his vulnerability when he is suddenly cut from his team. Mad Dog finds himself in unfamiliar territory as the bedrock of his identity, is swept away, leaving him in pursuit of a new purpose in life. As he faces this untimely predicament, the movie unfolds the journey of a man who seems lost in this transitional phase of his life. Rising child star Skai Jackson plays the role of Casey's young daughter, Lacy. Lacy is a talented, energetic, and ambitious ten-year-old girl who takes soccer seriously. Jackson renders an excellent performance as Lacy, embodying the character's vibrant personality, talent, and contrasting confused and disappointed feelings about her famous father's lack of involvement in her life. Her character provides one of the primary frameworks for Mad Dog's transformation, portraying an essential element of the narrative. Wendy Raquel Robinson portrays Holly Casey, Marion's wife, and Lacy's mother. She prides herself on her career and motherhood. Wendy masterfully balances her character's aspirations and love for her family. Holly's strength of character helps underscore the theme of balance between professional aspirations and parental responsibilities. My Dad's a Soccer Mom takes us on Mad Dog's journey from a renowned football player to an unemployed man struggling to make sense of his life. The effort he makes to be a present father for Lacy becomes the cornerstone of the film. After being somewhat of an absent father, given his NFL commitments, Mad Dog finally begins to participate in Lacy's life more actively. The loss of his NFL career and his transition toward a more profound family commitment overlaps with Lacy beginning to play soccer, and thus Mad Dog naturally finds himself thrown into the chaos and excitement of being a soccer dad. Soccer begins as a link to his daughter's life but evolves into a passion as Mad Dog explores this avenue. This film excellently captures Mad Dog's evolution from grudgingly participating in Lacy's extracurricular activities to becoming profoundly involved in and even enjoying these activities. The film shows a father reconciling with the fact that parenting is much more than just providing financial security to their child. My Dad's a Soccer Mom does not fall short in the humor department either. The setting of suburban life provides ample opportunities for comedy as Mad Dog navigates school runs, soccer games, and meddling parents. The humor perfectly offsets and complements the more serious themes running through the film. What makes this film interesting is that it redefines what it means to be successful. It contemplates the essence of success, suggesting that personal relationships and the joy of involving oneself in their children's lives could outweigh the glamour of professional achievements. My Dad's a Soccer Mom is a charming film that calls into question societal norms pertaining to new-age parenthood. It is an honest depiction of a dad-readjusting his life and aspirations to let his family take center stage. With its lively sprinkle of humor, relatable characters, and touching narrative, the film is an enjoyable experience combining sports, family, and a dash of comedy. This delightful film is perfect for a light-hearted family movie night.

My Dad's a Soccer Mom is a Comedy, Drama, Kids & Family, TV Movie movie released in 2014. It has a runtime of 90 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.4..

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