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"Run Fatboy Run" is a British-American romantic comedy film directed by David Schwimmer and starring Simon Pegg, Thandiwe Newton, and Hank Azaria. The film was released in 2007 and follows the story of Dennis Doyle (Simon Pegg), a lovable but lazy man who left his pregnant fiancée Libby (Thandiwe Newton) at the altar years ago. Five years later, he tries to win her back by competing in a marathon alongside her new boyfriend, Whit (Hank Azaria). The film combines sarcastic humor, physical comedy, and romantic elements to tell a story about redemption, love, and the power of determination.

The movie starts with the infamous day when Dennis Doyle, dressed in his wedding suit, ran away from the altar right before his wedding with Libby, a few months pregnant with his child. Five years later, Dennis is now a security guard in a lingerie store but still can't get over Libby. One day, he discovers that Libby's new boyfriend, Whit, is a wealthy and successful businessman who's planning to run the Nike River Marathon in London. Determined to prove his worth and win her back, Dennis signs up for the marathon to compete against Whit.

Dennis, who is overweight, has not exercised in years and is totally unprepared for such a rigorous race. To make matters worse, Whit is a seasoned runner who trains every day and has everything he needs to succeed. However, this doesn't deter Dennis, who begins to train with a variety of eccentric characters including his landlord, Gordon (Dylan Moran), and a supposed Indian guru (Harish Patel) who tells him to run with his heart. As Dennis gets into better shape, he realizes that running isn't just about winning Libby back, but it's about proving to himself that he can succeed in something he's never done before.

Throughout the movie, the audience is treated to a series of humorous and unforgettable scenes that keep them engaged and entertained. Dennis' training regime includes running on a treadmill for the first time, running on the streets of London, and joining a running club. The film also features memorable moments with Dennis' son, Jake (Matthew Fenton), who wants to see his dad succeed after having grown up without knowing him.

As the marathon day approaches, Dennis finds himself even more nervous than he imagined. His training has paid off, and he's lost a significant amount of weight, but he's still not sure if he's ready to complete the grueling 26.2 miles. Meanwhile, Libby is amazed by the dedication and hard work Dennis has put into his training, and she starts to have second thoughts about her relationship with Whit.

On the day of the marathon, both Dennis and Whit compete fiercely to cross the finish line first. However, as they approach mile 23, Whit injures himself and is unable to continue. Despite Whit's urging to finish the race, Dennis decides to help him instead of finishing the race alone. In doing so, he proves that his journey to redemption was not just about competing against Whit, but about becoming a better person and following his heart.

In conclusion, "Run Fatboy Run" is a heartwarming romantic comedy that delivers a satisfying mix of humor, romance, and inspiration. Simon Pegg's excellent performance as Dennis Doyle is both relatable and entertaining, while Thandiwe Newton and Hank Azaria provide solid support for the lead. David Schwimmer's direction and Michael Ian Black's screenplay are full of clever nods to sports movies and romantic comedies, without ever feeling too derivative. The result is a truly enjoyable movie experience that will make you laugh, cheer, and maybe even shed a tear.

Run Fatboy Run is a Comedy, Romance movie released in 2008. It has a runtime of 95 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.5. It also holds a MetaScore of 48.

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