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"Absolutely Anything" is a 2015 British comedy film that caters to a wide audience with its quirky charm, lively humor, and fantasy elements. With a brilliant ensemble cast that includes Simon Pegg, Kate Beckinsale, and Sanjeev Bhaskar, this movie melds a simple premise with high-concept humor, offering plenty of mischief and merriment to its viewers. A unique trivia about this film is that it's the last project of the evergreen comedic legend Robin Williams, who lent his voice to a character just before his unfortunate passing.

The movie starts off in an unexpected setting, the far reaches of the cosmos where an alien council, voiced by none other than the surviving members of Monty Python, contemplate on the future of planet Earth. They decide to give one random human the power to do absolutely anything as a means of testing the competence and worthiness of mankind. The test's outcome would determine whether the planet should be destroyed or if it could join the intergalactic council of superior species.

In comes our ordinary school teacher and aspiring novelist Neil Clarke, played with affable charm by Simon Pegg. Neil is the randomly chosen subject of this cosmic experiment. Somewhat taken aback when he discovers his newfound ability, he soon realizes that he has been granted the power to make anything he wishes for come true – literally, ‘Absolutely Anything’. This is where the hilarity ensues as Pegg's character grapples with the implications of such a gift.

Kate Beckinsale plays Catherine, Neil’s enchanting and neighborly love interest, while Sanjeev Bhaskar portrays Ray, Neil’s peculiar and eccentric co-worker. A unique dynamic between these characters adds up to the comedic tension in the film. Neil's wishes, though guided by his best intentions, seem to backfire in the most peculiar ways, leading to an escalating series of mishaps that affect those around him, including Catherine and Ray, as well as his lovable dog Dennis voiced by the unforgettable Robin Williams.

While grappling with his newfound powers, Neil must also deal with a series of events ranging from the expected, such as the responsibilities and moralities connected with the wish-granting power, to the hilariously unexpected, such as granting consciousness and the ability to speak to his dog. "Absolutely Anything" therefore proves to be a perfect blend of dark humor, slapstick comedy, and mild science fiction – sparking laughter while also provoking thought.

Underneath all the fun and light-hearted humor, the movie incorporates sophisticated social commentary and philosophical undertones. The script smartly uses the outlandish premise to ask larger questions about capability, responsibility, and the nature of desire. What would anyone do if they possess the ability to do absolutely anything? Would they succumb to reckless whims or try to make the world a better place? The movie does an excellent job of exploring these questions in a fun and engaging manner, retaining its comedic undertones throughout.

One other element that makes "Absolutely Anything" stand out is the flawless casting. Simon Pegg showcases his comedic prowess and timing effectively in the film as the befuddled and beleaguered Neil. His chemistry with Beckinsale is charming and adds a lovely romantic subplot to the narrative's central conflict. Robin William's voice performance as Dennis is a fitting farewell for the actor, full of the vivacious energy and quick wit that fans loved in his roles over the years.

"Absolutely Anything" manages to carve out a unique place for itself due to its blend of humor, fantasy, and a good-natured examination of the human condition. While it is essentially a comedy at heart, the thoughtful nuances and clever storytelling make it much more than just another laugh-riot. Engaging performances, sharp wit, and a breezy narrative make this movie a worthwhile addition to the libraries of fans of British comedy, Simon Pegg, or anybody looking for a delightful jaunt into the realm of 'what if.'

Absolutely Anything is a Comedy, Science Fiction movie released in 2017. It has a runtime of 85 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.0. It also holds a MetaScore of 31.

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