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Rising Stars is an engaging mix of music, drama, and competition, directed by Daniel Millican and released in 2010. This inspirational film stars Natalie Hall, Fisher Stevens, and Barry Corbin in compelling roles.

The storyline revolves around a group of talented, young musicians navigating their way through the intense world of the music industry. With each artist bringing their own unique style, the competition only gets fiercer and more cutthroat. They are not only challenged by the intense pressure of the industry but also by their own personal dilemmas which test the strength of their character.

Natalie Hall plays the role of Drew, a gifted singer with a beautiful voice and immense talent. She grapples with her emotions and her past, all while stirring up the storm in the fiercely competitive music industry. As events progress, the viewers witness her growth and transformation, as well as struggle to uphold her integrity amidst the tumultuous world of fame and success. Hall's portrayal of Drew is captivating and heartwarming, making the audience root for her throughout her journey.

Fisher Stevens, on the other hand, plays the role of Ken, a seasoned music industry shark who uses his charm and cunning nature to manipulate situations to his advantage. As his power and reputation rise in the cutthroat business, he struggles with morality and confronts his inner demons. Stevens’ performance as Ken is riveting and often spine-chilling.

Barry Corbin plays the role of Zalman, an experienced, wise, and slightly jaded music industry veteran. He serves as a guiding light to Drew and the other musicians but isn't shy about sharing the harsh realities of the industry.

Rising Stars is not just about the journey towards fame and success but also the ordeal that comes with it. It allows the audience to view what truly goes on behind the dazzling world of the music industry and how it can often make or break an individual's spirit.

Rising Stars is unique for more than just its premise. Firstly, the film's music unfolds as a character of its own, channeling emotions, driving the narrative forward, and making the audience feel connected to the characters and their stories. What singles out Rising Stars, even more, is its original soundtrack comprised of new and upcoming artists, a creative tactic keeping in line with the film's theme and narrative.

Besides the riveting music, the film’s powerful dialogues also do justice to the diverse characters the artists play and their individual storylines. The cinematography gives an almost backstage view of the lives of these musicians, creating a deeply immersive experience for viewers.

The film serves as a balanced blend of drama and reality, depicting both the glamorous and dark sides of the music industry. There's a sense of authenticity as each character tackles real-life challenges and inner conflicts they encounter on their paths to success – from battles with ego, temptation, and manipulation to finding their identity and staying true to their roots.

In conclusion, Rising Stars is an inspiring, thought-provoking film, with brilliant performances from Natalie Hall, Fisher Stevens, and Barry Corbin. It's set in an intriguing world of music, where the journey to the top isn't easy. Whether you're a music enthusiast or someone who loves gripping stories with a twist, Rising Stars should be on your film list.

Rising Stars is a Drama, Kids & Family, Music movie released in 2010. It has a runtime of 90 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.1..

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Dan Millican
Kyle Riabko, Lauren Ashley, Carter Leon Thomas III, Barry Corbin, Fisher Stevens, Rebecca St. James
Also directed by Daniel Millican
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