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Mountain Top is a 2017 thought-provoking and emotionally driven movie that underlies the importance of faith and trust in the grand order of things and the unknowable divine plan. Directed by Gary Wheeler, the film features an ensemble cast led by Barry Corbin, Coby Ryan McLaughlin, and Valerie Azlynn. It is Abrams’s Books adaptation of the Christian novel, “Mountain Top” by Robert Whitlow, duly transforming the depth and soul present in the book into a cinematic narrative that entertains and edifies.

The movie primarily revolves around the life of Barry Corbin’s character, a retired attorney named Sam, who has returned to his hometown in North Carolina after a successful legal career. Coby Ryan McLaughlin essays the role of Mike Andrews, a fellow lawyer and a mutual friend of Corbin’s character. He is a charming yet pragmatic city lawyer who becomes a key catalyst in the unfolding events. Valerie Azlynn plays the part of Michelle, who also forms a part of the narrative's structure and plays an essential role in the development and growth of the main characters.

The story begins when Sam, tired of the rat race, decides to retire from his lucrative career and returns to his quaint, peaceful hometown nestled in the mountains. However, his peaceful retirement gets interrupted when he gets caught up amidst a legal storm that threatens to wreak havoc on a local church. Consequently, Sam finds himself embroiled in the intricacies of law and the small-town legal system. At this point, he ropes in Lawyer Mike Andrews, his younger friend to help him navigate this rough terrain.

But "Mountain Top" is much more than a legal drama. It uses the clash between the city and small-town life, the battle between cynicism and faith, and the quest for justice as a backdrop to a much deeper narrative. As the lawyers grapple with the complications of the case at hand, the film dives deep into questions of faith and morality. It beautifully portrays how faith, combined with action, can overcome seemingly insurmountable adversities.

Barry Corbin, best known for his role in the hit series "Northern Exposure", delivers a beautiful performance as Sam. He portrays a character that is a mix of wise, old worldly wisdom with an inoffensive but grounded faith, which complements perfectly to Coby Ryan McLaughlin’s role as Mike Andrews, the driven city lawyer. Bringing charm and a certain level-headedness to his character, McLaughlin showcases the classic city slicker getting initiated into the slower yet richer rhythms of small-town life and faith.

With a scenery replete with the beauty of North Carolina and the innocence and charm of small-town America, "Mountain Top" is a feast to the eyes. The portrayal of contrasting worlds, the bustling city's steel and glass structures with the serene, close-knit community, nestled in the lap of nature, by director Gary Wheeler creates a captivating visual narrative that leaves a lasting impression.

The film’s theme of faith in the face of adversity resonates with its audience. "Mountain Top" provides hope and assurance in the importance of believing in what isn’t seen and trusting the larger plan even when all odds are against it. With a mix of multi-dimensional characters, legal battles, divine interventions, strong friendships and the pursuit of justice, it makes for an engaging watch.

It explores the relationships between people of different backgrounds, their struggle and subsequent growth, and the exploration of faith and truth, giving the audience a glimpse into the human spirit's resilience. Professor and author Robert Whitlow's words manage to inspire, entertain, stimulate thought, and pull at the heartstrings of viewers in each frame.

"Mountain Top" is a must-watch for those who enjoy men's spiritual journeys, overcoming personal and professional obstacles, and rekindling faith and purpose. The movie blends the excitement and suspense of a legal drama with the rewarding exploration of spirituality and self-discovery, making it appealing beyond traditional faith-based films. It's more than a movie; it's a contemplative journey that encourages viewers to question, introspect, and eventually reaffirm their beliefs about life, justice, and divinity, drawing strength from the quieter, deeper parts of the human spirit.

Mountain Top is a Drama, Kids & Family, Mystery movie released in 2017. It has a runtime of 103. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 7.2..

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