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Set against the backdrop of the Gulf War in the early 1990s, An American in Texas is a compelling mix of music, rebellion, and the struggle to find personal freedom. This indie music drama, released in 2017 and directed by Anthony Pedone, explores a group of friends who dream of escaping their small-town life for the brighter lights and bigger opportunities of the broader world. This film stars notable actors Barry Corbin, Quinton Aaron, and Tony Cavalero, delivering magnificent performances that breathe life into this poignant and stirring coming-of-age story.

The film explores the life of Philip, played by Tony Cavalero. He is part of a group of five friends hailing from a small, conservative Texas town. They belong to an underground punk band called Surgeon General’s Warning (S.G.W), a driving force that initially binds them together and presents them with a medium to express their restlessness and sense of rebellion. However, their lives take a dramatic turn as the political tension of the impending Gulf War begins.

Barry Corbin plays Sam, a Vietnam war veteran living in the same town. He commiserates with the rebellious nature of these young men and shares profound insights about wartime's brutal realities. His influence and the events overseas stimulate Philip and his friends' maturation, making them question their values, loyalty, and dreams.

Amidst their music and the sense of impending doom, Philip pines for Sophie, played by Kelsey Walton, who adds another layer of complexity to the narrative by testing his loyalty, challenging his mindset, and forcing him to confront his desire to break free.

Quinton Aaron plays Army, a member of S.G.W who deeply feels the weight of societal pressures and the group's differing perspectives on their future. Despite not being the lead vocalist of the group, Army’s life story and his personal struggle for identity, together harbor a relatable authenticity that can resonate with many viewers.

The narrative of An American in Texas is punctuated with unforgettable punk rock music beats that frame the band members' rebellious spirit against the small town's restrictive norms. The film offers a relatively less-explored perspective on punk music and counter-culture in a small Texas town, adding depth to their struggle.

Director Anthony Pedone also competently explores the coming-of-age theme against the backdrop of war. By juxtaposing the band's free-spirited music against the grim reality of war, the film paints a stark contrast between youthful rebellion and the oppressive realities of adulthood.

In addition to the compelling storyline, the film performs superbly on a technical level. The cinematography is stunning with stylishly filmed band performances and thoughtful framing of the Texas landscapes that artfully depict the isolation and quiet beauty of small-town life. The film's color palette, filled with wide-open blue skies, dusty roads, and dimly lit night scenes, enhance the narrative's emotional texture.

The acting performances are nuanced and captivating. Barry Corbin offers a memorable performance as Sam, offering wisdom and a touch of sorrow to his role as a war veteran. Tony Cavalero, known for his comedic roles, demonstrates his range and depth as an actor in the role of Philip, delivering an exceptional performance filled with angst and internal conflict. Quinton Aaron, portraying the emotional struggle of his character, brings depth and a sense of tension that adds to the overall narrative complexion.

An American in Texas is more than a musical drama or a coming-of-age tale. It is an exploration into the lives of a group of restless souls eager to break free from societal chains. Yet, they also grapple with fear, loyalty, love, and the myriad complexities of life as they know it. The film draws you into an experience filled with raw emotions, invigorating music, and a window into a time characterized by internal and global conflict.

An American in Texas will undoubtedly speak to anyone who has ever yearned for escape, explored the limits of rebellion, or simply tried to find their place in the world against the backdrop of immense external pressures.

An American in Texas is a Drama movie released in 2018. It has a runtime of 97. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.2..

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