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Quigley Down Under, directed by Simon Wincer and released in 1990, spectacularly showcases the breathtaking vistas of Australia’s outback while narrating a compelling story of justice, adventure, and redemption. The film has a brilliant cast led by Tom Selleck, Laura San Giacomo and the masterly villain Alan Rickman, who, together, deliver commendable performances to keep the audience gripped through the story's twists and turns.

Tom Selleck plays the role of Matthew Quigley, an American sharpshooter from the wild west with a strong moral compass. Vividly portrayed as a sharpshooter with a unique sense of honor, Quigley is not just a gun for hire but also a man who is not afraid to do what is right, regardless of the price. Quigley sails to Australia, lured by the promise of employment with a wealthy Australian cattle baron, Elliot Marston, played by Alan Rickman. Rickman, popularly known for his villainous roles, effectively evokes a feeling of dread and antagonism in the viewer towards his character.

Marston, certainly a villain in the traditional sense, is a man who has the power, the wealth, and the manpower to impose his will over the aboriginal population living in the outback. Expecting Quigley to kill off the indigenous population for him, Marston soon realizes he has miscalculated as Quigley's strong moral code does not allow for such an act. Their clashing principles lead to conflict, setting a stage where Quigley finds himself stranded in the vast desert with a tag on his head.

Laura San Giacomo’s character, Crazy Cora, adds another layer of depth to the narrative. Cora is a mysterious woman with a shadowy past who becomes an unlikely companion to Quigley in his perilous journey across the Australian outback. Her performance adds a level of emotional depth, creating a sense of camaraderie and support for Quigley that is central to the evolving storyline.

The harsh Australian outback serves as a stunning backdrop complementing the visually stunning cinematography of the film. The hostile desert becomes a significant character in its own right and serves not as a mere setting but as a testament to the adversity that our protagonist faces. The awe-inspiring wide-angle shots of the unforgivingly arid landscapes accompanied by the sharp scrutiny at wildlife and vegetation make the surroundings as tangible as the plot, enhancing the overall storytelling experience.

An indispensable part of Quigley Down Under is its effective use of humor, which lightens up the atmosphere amidst the tense and thrilling adventure. The dialogue is laced with dry humor that the characters exchange in the harshest of situations, giving the audience bursts of respite during the otherwise intense storyline.

Quigley Down Under is not only a tale of survival but also of resistance and uprising against oppressive powers. While it predominantly revolves around the skilled American sharpshooter tasking himself to undo the wrongs, it also manages to shed light on the plight of the native Australian aboriginal population during that era, subtly weaving an element of historical relevance into its adventurous outline.

The film's crowning glory is its climax, an iconic showdown between Quigley and Marston, promising edge-of-the-seat suspense. As the two square off, it's not just a personal feud but a battle symbolizing justice against oppression, culminating in a finale that resounds with a significant moral message.

Quigley Down Under may be set in a different continent, but it stays true to its Western genre roots, featuring gun-toting cowboys, hostile landscapes, thrilling horse chases, and the cowboy spirit. With memorable performances, unexpected humor, a stirring narrative, and stunning visuals, it successfully delivers an entertaining and thought-provoking look at the western genre from an altogether different landscape. Indeed, the wide, endless expanses of Australian outback lend Quigley Down Under a unique flavor that sets it apart in a sea of Western adventures.

In conclusion, Quigley Down Under is a must-watch for fans of the Western genre, thrilling adventures, historical elements, and compelling character arcs. The film is a testament to the prowess of its lead actors and the vision of its director, skillfully combining action, drama, humor, and stunning landscapes into a remarkable cinematic experience.

Quigley Down Under is a Western movie released in 1990. It has a runtime of 119 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.9. It also holds a MetaScore of 51.

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