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Echo of Thunder is a powerful drama released in 1998 directed by Simon Wincer. The story is set in the vast and beautiful Australian outback during the 1960s, where the isolation from the outside world contrasts sharply with the natural beauty of the desert. The film depicts the story of a woman named Gladys Witham (Judy Davis), who has just returned to her hometown of Broken Hill after an emotional breakdown.

Gladys is a talented painter and a single mother trying to find her way back into the world. Her daughter, Anne (Lauren Hewett), is a difficult and troubled teenager who's dealing with her own demons. Anne is angry with her mother for abandoning her years earlier and doesn't understand why she's back.

Gladys is welcomed back by a caring community who had all seen her suddenly leave many years prior. She even finds herself falling in love with Jim (Jamey Sheridan), a hard-working widower who runs a local mine. Despite the challenges, Gladys starts to feel at home and hopeful for the future.

However, tensions grow as the mine Jim runs causes conflict with the local Aboriginal people, who view it as a desecration of their land. Gladys, who's sensitive and cares deeply for people, becomes increasingly concerned about the situation. The conflicts cause a crisis that gives Anne an opportunity to confront her own anger and pain.

Judy Davis delivers a stunning performance as Gladys, portraying a woman dealing with psychological issues and searching for meaning in her life. She's struggling to find connection and meaning after losing a grip on life amidst the crushing weight of circumstance. Davis notably won acclaim for this role, and it remains one of her most memorable performances.

Although the film is set in the outback of Australia, it's themes could resonate universally. Its central message points out how the struggles that Gladys experiences are relatable to any culture. The movie rightly focuses on human motivations and psychology than a westernized take on the Australian Outback.

The climax of the film does not disappoint, and the tension rises as a bushfire tears through the town, presenting an opportunity for redemption that Gladys's been tirelessly seeking. It's a poignant and emotional finale that leaves the audience with a warmth and depth of emotional connection to Gladys and her struggles throughout the movie.

Overall, Echo of Thunder is a deeply engaging and thought-provoking film that is poignant, emotional and moving in equal measure. It explores the human condition and redemption without clichés and artistic pretense. With great direction, an exceptional cast, and a moving score, the film is guaranteed to leave a lasting impact on the audience.

Echo of Thunder is a Drama, TV Movie movie released in 1998. It has a runtime of 98 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.7..

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Simon Wincer
Lauren Hewett, Jamey Sheridan, Judy Davis, Chelsea Yates, Emily Browning, Ben Hanson, James Hanson
Also starring Jamey Sheridan
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