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Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man is a 1991 American action-biker film directed by Simon Wincer. The film features renowned actors such as Mickey Rourke, Don Johnson, and Chelsea Field, amongst others. The film makes a distinctive mark by intertwining the elements of classic motorcycle culture, Westerns, and modern action thrillers.

The central character, Harley Davidson, played with aplomb by Mickey Rourke, is a freewheeling biker with a rough and ready spirit. Inspired by the legendary American motorcycle manufacturing company, Davidson emanates a charismatic, rebellious image. His persona is defined by his love for the open road, fast motorcycles, and a keen, instinctual ability to always stay one step ahead of trouble.

Don Johnson, of Miami Vice fame, plays the suave Marlboro Man. His character is a former rodeo cowboy, embodying the quintessential essence of old-world machismo, with a sharp mind, distinctive charm, and quick wit. He often draws upon his tough, assertive cowboy roots to navigate through the challenges faced by him and Harley. Together, the Marlboro Man and Harley Davidson make an unforgettable duo.

Chelsea Field, known for Masters of the Universe, delivers an impressive performance as Virginia Slim, the love interest of the Marlboro Man. The film beautifully portrays her relationship with Marlboro Man. A mix of love and tension, the relationship adds a drama that balances out the hyper-masculine energy of the central characters.

Set against the backdrop of a dystopian 1996, the plot kicks off with Harley returning to his hometown only to find his favorite bar on the brink of closure due to financial difficulties. This sets the stage for Harley and Marlboro to devise a bold plan to save the bar from being taken over by a bank. Unfortunately, their well-intended heist takes an unexpected turn, placing them in the crosshairs of a ruthless bank owner and his lethal hitman.

A series of thrilling events ensue, some filled with chases and gunfights, others with smart plot twists and strategic planning. Throughout the movie, the main characters, Harley Davidson and Marlboro Man, showcase camaraderie and unity. Their friendship is further cemented as they manoeuvre through the action-packed landscapes, defying all odds.

Director Simon Wincer, acclaimed for films like "Quigley Down Under" and "Free Willy", brilliantly translates the screenplay into a viewing experience that is thoroughly enjoyable. The film is steeped in action, but it does not miss infusing dark humor, creating a unique blend of comedy and hardcore action.

Moreover, Wincer's exceptional execution of action sequences, complemented by Riding's immersive camera work, impressively captures the intensity and velocity of the bike chases and gun battles. One cannot ignore the film's script, which seamlessly mingles action and humor while also retaining a narrative consistency.

The soundtracks, with bands like Bon Jovi and Blackeyed Susan, add another layer to the film. They enhance the raw and earthy feel and resonate with the personalities of the central characters, thus making every scene more engaging.

Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man stands as a testimony to a movie that does not take itself too seriously but still makes a serious impact. It perfectly captures the spirit of the biker culture, the cowboy mystique, and the essence of buddy-cop action films. Viewers are kept engrossed by the movie's high-octane sequences and the magnetic presence of Rourke and Johnson. In the end, the film effortlessly mixes friendship, action, and defines its own brand of laid-back coolness, making it a must-watch for fans of the genre.

Harley Davidson and the Marlboro Man is a Action, Thriller movie released in 1991. It has a runtime of 98 minutes. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.1. It also holds a MetaScore of 36.

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