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Once Upon a Honeymoon is a romantic comedy released in 1942, starring Ginger Rogers, Cary Grant, and Walter Slezak. The movie is set in the context of World War II, and revolves around the story of Katie O'Hara (Ginger Rogers), a gold-digging music hall performer who falls in love with Pat O'Toole (Cary Grant), a radio commentator who is investigating the activities of the Nazi party in Europe. The movie is directed by Leo McCarey, and features a sparkling script, great performances from its lead stars, and a memorable score.

The movie begins with Pat O'Toole arriving in Europe to keep tabs on the movements of the Nazi party in preparation for the war. While there, he meets Katie O'Hara, a performer in a music hall, who is more interested in a good time than the impending war. Despite their differences, they find themselves drawn to each other, and before they know it, they are married. Eager to escape the war that is closing in on them, they embark on a honeymoon across Europe, hoping to find a little bit of happiness amidst the chaos.

Along the way, they encounter a series of adventures that test their love for each other, and confront them with the harsh realities of war. An encounter with the charming and mysterious Baron Von Luber (Walter Slezak) leaves Katie questioning everything she knows about love and loyalty, while Pat's investigations into Nazi activities put them in great danger. The challenges that the couple face ultimately test the strength of their relationship, and force them to come to terms with their own moral convictions.

The chemistry between Ginger Rogers and Cary Grant is evident throughout the movie. Rogers, with her quick wit and impeccable timing, brings her character Katie to life with vivacious energy and charm. Grant, in his role as Pat, displays his trademark comedic timing and debonair charm, but also reveals a deeper, more complex character caught up in the darkness of war. Together, the two actors create a captivating on-screen romance that keeps the audience fully engaged throughout.

Walter Slezak's portrayal of Baron Von Luber is equally impressive. He manages to imbue his character with a touch of mystery and danger, while his sly charm and impeccable manners make him a worthy counterpart to the film's leading couple. His scenes with Rogers are especially delightful, as the two actors engage in a battle of wits, both verbally and romantically.

The movie is shot in black and white, and features some stunning cinematography, especially when the couple travels through Europe. The film manages to capture the beauty of European cities such as Vienna and Venice, while also conveying the darker aspects of war through the use of shadows and eerie lighting. The musical score of the movie is also noteworthy, featuring some memorable songs that help to convey the mood and tone of the various scenes.

Ultimately, Once Upon a Honeymoon is a delightful romantic comedy that manages to tackle serious issues such as war and political unrest with a light touch. It has all the elements of a classic Hollywood movie – great performances, a witty script, and a timeless score – while also managing to convey the struggles and complexities of life during wartime. While it may not be as well-known as some of the other classic Hollywood movies from the era, Once Upon a Honeymoon is a gem well worth rediscovering.

Once Upon a Honeymoon is a Comedy, Romance, Drama movie released in 1942. It has a runtime of 117 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.4..

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