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Set in the tumultuous backdrop of the 16th century, the movie Martin Luther, Heretic is a British TV drama directed by Norman Stone, that explores the life and principles of one of the most pivotal figures in Christian history - Martin Luther. It stars Jonathan Pryce as Martin Luther, Maurice Denham as Johann von Staupitz and John Nettleton as Cardinal Cajetan teaching viewers about the inception of the Protestant Reformation. This movie is an eloquent display of the theological upheaval and political ramifications that resulted from Martin Luther's challenge to the Catholic Church's tenets, activities, and structures.

The movie begins with introducing the main character, Martin Luther's early pious life as an Augustinian monk in Germany. The plot unravels, as Luther, who is tormented by his inability to find peace with God, embarks on Romans reading to seek answers. Jonathan Pryce characterizes Luther's intellectual struggle and restlessness with an intense depth of emotion that makes the character palpably real. His performance aptly brings to life Luther's inner conflicts, conviction, and courage in standing up for his beliefs despite severe opposition.

Narration then shifts to Luther’s interpretation of righteousness, and justification by faith alone, which later becomes the foundation for his Ninety-five Theses. Maurice Denham brilliantly portrays Johann von Staupitz, Luther's mentor, though disagreeing with his stand, he continued to empathetically support Luther.

Simultaneously, John Nettleton, as Cardinal Cajetan, epitomizes the Church's unbendable rigidity. Several significant historical events, such as Luther's ideological confrontation with Cardinal Cajetan, his excommunication, and his appearance before the Diet of Worms, are wonderfully adapted into the screenplay.

The film offers a profound overview of the social fabric of the 16th century, highlighting the simmering discontent among the public against the Church's malpractices like selling indulgences. The movie delivers a strong examination of ecclesiastical corruption and the courage it took for individuals like Luther to stand against it, and how these actions sparked a movement that dramatically changed the course of history.

Moreover, the movie's attention to historical detail is commendable, capturing the nuances of 16th-century architecture, dress, and societal norms, immersing the viewer in the era. The cinematography of the film is beautifully carried out, lending a dramatic aura to the proceedings and further heightening the impact of the narrative.

The music plays a significant role in setting the mood and tone of the scenes. Haunting chorals and hymns resonate throughout the background, enhancing the gravity of Luther's struggle and his eventual break from the Catholic Church. The dialogue in Martin Luther, Heretic is sharp, eloquent, and often echoes with the original theological arguments of that era, which is sure to intrigue the intellectuals.

Martin Luther, Heretic is not just a biographical dramatization of a historical figure but a thoughtful exploration of the evolution of religious faith and its widespread impact on society. It doesn't aim to pass judgment or promote a particular religious leaning but instead presents the facts with empathy and understanding, allowing viewers to draw their own conclusions.

The film honours its historical source material, featuring many set pieces that reflect the artwork, writings, and culture of the period. All the while, it remains tightly focussed on the central figure of Luther, an 'heretic' not seeking to destroy the Church but to rectify its wrongs.

This film, thus, is a must-watch for its evocative storytelling, compelling performances, and the sensitive handling of a crucial chapter in religious and worldly history that forever changed the dynamics of Christianity and laid the foundation for western civilization as we know it today. It offers a chance to appreciate the magnitude of Martin Luther's spiritual journey and his lasting legacy on Christian theology. It's an engaging tale of faith, challenge, reform, and revolution that resonates even in modern times.

Martin Luther, Heretic is a Drama movie released in 1983. It has a runtime of 70 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.9..

Norman Stone
Jonathan Pryce, Maurice Denham, Hugh Dickson, John Nettleton, Clive Swift
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