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Dough is a heartwarming yet entertaining British comedy-drama film from 2015, directed by John Goldschmidt. It features an impressive ensemble of actors led by the BAFTA-winning actor Jonathan Pryce, alongside rising star Jerome Holder and seasoned actor Phil Davis.

Jonathan Pryce plays the character of Nat Dayan, a Jewish baker who is struggling to keep his century-old, family-owned bakery afloat in a changing London neighborhood teeming with big-box stores and coffee-chains. Under further pressure due to his estranged son's reluctance to inherit the bakery, Nat is desperate to keep the bakery's tradition alive. He embodies the common theme of an orthodox man finding it challenging in balancing the significance of his heritage and the changing modern world. Pryce's portrayal of a determined man clinging on to tradition, family legacy, and his own sense of self, is extremely relatable and stirring.

Jerome Holder slips effortlessly into the role of Ayyash Habimana, a young Muslim African immigrant who juggles between selling drugs to support his mother, and his undercover job at Nat's bakery. Ayyash, a character in a desperate situation, brings to the narrative the challenges immigrants face while trying to assimilate into a foreign land. Enriching this narrative, Ayyash's conflict is not just with the surrounding society, but also with his own path, being torn between his immediate need for survival and his conscience.

Phil Davis portrays Sam Cotton, a somewhat rival to Nat, running a superstore that jeopardizes the business to Nat's small bakery. His character reflects the ongoing battle between multinational corporations and local businesses.

The movie utilizes humor to present the clashing of cultures and generations within its central narrative. A series of unexpected circumstances leads to Ayyash unintentionally spiking bakery's dough with cannabis. This consequence of fate changes the fortune of Dayan and Sons Bakers, as customers line up for the irresistibly delectable, albeit altered, baked goods. Soon, the sales shoot up, and so does the camaraderie between Nat and Ayyash.

The film offers an insightful commentary on multiple societal issues while maintaining a light-hearted front. At its core, Dough explores the unlikely friendship that blossoms between two individuals of different faiths, generations, and backgrounds, bound by shared experiences and the dileveling effect of unfair societal norms.

As it progresses, the narrative doesn't shy away from touching upon pertinent themes such as racism, economic disparity, the struggles of small businesses, drug abuse, and more beneath the surface of its comic veneer.

The soundtrack of the movie works well to complement the narrative and its setting. It shifts effortlessly between Eastern vocals, reflecting Ayyash’s roots, to the classic strings espousing the historic beauty of the bakery. The cinematography of the film is noteworthy. Shot mostly in London, the cityscape is captured beautifully, enhancing the visual appeal of the movie.

Whether it's the subplot of interfaith complexity or the metaphor of the 'dough' that holds them together, every element drives home the point of unity, understanding, acceptance, and resilience. Despite their cultural, religious, and age differences, Nat and Ayyash find camaraderie and business success against a backdrop of prejudice, disparity, and struggle.

Even though Dough is a comedy, it's far from superficial. With its strong social commentary and emotional narrative, it offers healthy food for thought. The film's result is a satisfying concoction of drama, humor, and socio-cultural critique, with just the right amount of sentimentality thrown into the mix.

Overall, Dough stands as an engaging film. It's a carefully kneaded tale of friendship, tolerance, and resilience mixed with a healthy dash of humor that is sure to leave a lingering taste. It's a testament to the fact that the recipe for success and happiness often includes unlikely ingredients, just as in the case of the story's fabled bakery.

Dough is a Drama, Comedy movie released in 2016. It has a runtime of 94 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.2. It also holds a MetaScore of 44.

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