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Mano Po is a heartfelt Filipino drama film released in 2002 that revolves around the culture and tradition of a Chinese-Filipino family. The movie features an ensemble cast starring Maricel Soriano, Richard Gomez, Kris Aquino, Jay Manalo, Eddie Garcia, and many others. The story of the movie follows the story of three different Chinese-Filipino families and their struggles and challenges in life. The film opens with a successful Chinese-Filipino businessman named Alfonso Sy (Eddie Garcia), who is celebrating his 60th birthday. However, while his children are enjoying the party, Alfonso is devastated as his wife died, and he feels lonely even though his family surrounds him. Throughout the movie, we see the different characters and their life decisions, which lead to various conflicts within the families. For instance, Richard Gomez plays Michael, who falls in love with a non-Chinese girl named Audrey (played by Angel Locsin), which becomes a contentious issue between him and his Chinese mother, which leads to heartbreaking consequences. Another character in the movie, Grace (Maricel Soriano), is a modern Chinese-Filipino woman who is married to a Filipino man, but they are unable to conceive a child, which becomes a significant source of frustration and tension between them. Grace's sister-in-law, Cheryl (Kris Aquino), is in love with a Filipino man and has to go through various obstacles to convince her Chinese family to accept her relationship with him. The movie successfully depicts the struggles and challenges that Chinese-Filipino families face in adapting to their traditional and modern beliefs. It also portrays the importance of honoring and respecting their parents' values and beliefs while overcoming the differences between them. The film's title, Mano Po, which means "to receive blessings from an elder," emphasizes the significance of respecting the elders in the Chinese-Filipino community. Mano Po also touches on themes of self-discovery, love, forgiveness, and acceptance. Through the different characters, we see their personal journeys towards self-discovery, accepting their flaws and mistakes, and seeking forgiveness from their loved ones. The movie also portrays the different aspects of love, from family love to romantic love, and the sacrifices that come with it. The film's cinematography and soundtrack further enhance its emotional depth and powerful storytelling. The film's background score perfectly captures the emotions of the different scenes, while the breathtaking cinematography captures the beauty of the Philippines and showcases the grandeur of the Chinese-Filipino culture. In conclusion, Mano Po is an emotional and heartwarming drama film that touches on the culture, tradition, and struggles of Chinese-Filipino families. The movie's excellent direction, script, and performances by the ensemble cast make it a must-watch for anyone interested in Filipino cinema.

Mano Po is a Drama movie released in 2002. It has a runtime of 133. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.2..

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