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Go Ask Alice is a 1973 film that tells the story of a teenage girl who falls into the dangerous world of drug addiction. Directed by John Korty, the film is based on the novel of the same name, which was allegedly the diary of an anonymous teenager from the 1960s.

The movie begins with Alice (played by Jamie Smith-Jackson) discovering her father's professional success has led to a move from California to a new town where Alice must adjust. Her new school finds Alice longing for experiences outside her neighborhood and traditional upbringing. Alice is then invited to a party where she is plied with a drink that unwittingly contains LSD. This event leads to Alice's first high, and from there, her spiral into a terrifying world of drug use.

Alice becomes addicted to the euphoric rush of drugs, and begins experimenting with various substances, including marijuana, pills, and heroin. Her drug use spirals out of control and her grades at school begin to slip. Alice becomes increasingly isolated from her family and friends, who cannot understand the pain and confusion she is experiencing. She is eventually sent to a rehab facility, where she is able to kick her addiction and begin to rebuild her life.

Throughout the movie, Alice's story is interspersed with scenes of her family and friends, who are full of concern for her well-being. Played by William Shatner and Ruth Roman as Alice's parents, the film features a strong, recognizable cast. Alice also has a love interest in the film, an aspiring musician named Joel (Wendell Burton), who is conflicted over his own drug use but serves as one of the few positive influences in Alice's life.

The film's depiction of drug use and addiction is often graphic and disturbing, with scenes of Alice's deteriorating mental and physical health serving as a stark warning against the dangers of substance abuse. The film's themes of isolation, rebellion, and searching for identity in a chaotic world are universal to the teenage experience, and the movie served as a cautionary tale to young people at the time of its release.

Go Ask Alice received mixed reviews when it was first released in 1973, but it has since become a cult classic for its raw portrayal of drug addiction and the harm it can cause. Despite being over 40 years old, the film remains a powerful depiction of the struggles that young people can face when they become involved with drugs, and it continues to resonate with audiences today.

The film's message is as relevant now as it was in the 1970s - the dangers of drug use are ongoing and can spiral out of control. The cast performs admirably, with strong characterizations that add to the movie's impact. Go Ask Alice is a movie that is both difficult to watch and necessary, a haunting tale of a young girl's journey through addiction and back to recovery.

Go Ask Alice is a Drama, TV Movie movie released in 1973. It has a runtime of 74 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.1..

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John Korty
William Shatner, Ruth Roman, Wendell Burton, Julie Adams, Andy Griffith, Ayn Ruymen, Mimi Saffian, Jennifer Edwards, Jamie Smith-Jackson, Robert Carradine, Mackenzie Phillips, Charles Martin Smith
Also starring Ruth Roman
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