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Kingdom of the Spiders from 1977 is a gripping horror science fiction film that features a blend of terrifying suspense, thrilling action, and intriguing drama, delivering a unique cinematic experience. Directed by John 'Bud' Cardos and starring the talented William Shatner, Tiffany Bolling, and Woody Strode, this cult-classic is a must-see for anyone with an appetite for vintage horror and sci-fi films.

The narrative of Kingdom of the Spiders revolves around the threat posed to a small desert town in Arizona by thousands of venomous spiders. William Shatner plays the lead role of veterinian Dr. Robert ‘Rack’ Hansen, a character whose courage and tenacity greatly contribute to the film's intensity. When the town’s livestock starts dying under mysterious circumstances, Shatner's character is called in to investigate. His journey leads him to a chilling discovery of monstrous proportions - an army of deadly spiders that's growing at an alarming rate.

Tiffany Bolling portrays the character of Diane Ashley, a dedicated and fearless arachnologist who follows a trail of spider activity to the town. As sparks fly between Diane and Dr. Hansen, the two work together, combining their knowledge and resources in a desperate attempt to understand this unusual phenomenon and try to save their town.

Woody Strode's character, Walter Colby, adds a layer of depth and humanity to the narrative. An affable farmer who encounters the crawling menace at the outset of the infestation, Colby's struggle symbolizes the plight of the entire town. As the plot unfolds, the trio’s plans to halt the ever-multiplying venomous creatures push the limits of their endurance, resulting in a heart-racing series of events.

Kingdom of the Spiders stands as an emblem of the ‘70s environmentally conscious cinema, ingeniously blending the monster movie formula with a distinct ecological message. In their terrifying portrayal of the spiders, the filmmakers point towards the real-life ecological balance and the catastrophic consequences of upsetting it.

Furthermore, the movie cleverly plays on the primal human fear of spiders to create an atmosphere of dread and suspense that stretches throughout its 97-minute run. The visual effects, especially given the era in which the movie was created, deserve appreciation for their realism; this, combined with expert cinematography, sets a creepy tone that makes the spider invasion all the more unsettling.

One can't speak of Kingdom of the Spiders without mentioning William Shatner's performance. Known for his role as Captain Kirk in Star Trek, Shatner brings a captivating blend of charm and intensity to his role as Dr. Hansen. His chemistry with Bolling's Diane is delightful to watch, and their banter provides light relief in an otherwise high-tension setting. Bolling is equally impressive: her portrayal of a strong, intelligent female character was ahead of its time and adds much to the appeal of the movie. Lastly, Strode's performance as Colby adds a layer of affability and warmth to the narrative, making the plight of the characters and the town all the more real and compelling.

The film crew’s dedication to creating a realistic-looking legion of spiders deserves special mention. Instead of relying heavily on then-nascent special effects, the filmmakers painstakingly integrated real tarantulas into several scenes, thus enhancing the chilling realism of the spider threat.

To sum it up, Kingdom of the Spiders is not just another monster flick. It's an ingeniously plotted, edge-of-the-seat horror sci-fi that offers plenty of thrills and chills. It combines excellent performances, notably by Shatner and Bolling, with a genuinely alarming premise and high-stakes drama. Whether you're a die-hard William Shatner fan or a horror/sci-fi enthusiast, this movie is sure to leave you hooked until the very end.

Kingdom of the Spiders is a Horror, Science Fiction movie released in 1977. It has a runtime of 97 min. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.7..

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