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Released in 1985, Girls Just Want to Have Fun is a vibrant, high-energy teen comedy from director Alan Metter. Metter, who had cut his teeth in television, expertly leverages the vivacious, indie-pop zeitgeist that characterized the latter half of the 1980s, distilling it powerfully into this feature film. Girls Just Want to Have Fun stars the versatile Biff Yeager, the effervescent Kristi Somers, and legendary DJ Richard Blade, with each actor slipping seamlessly into their respective roles, creating an engaging ensemble of characters.

The story, an ebullient romp through 80s youth culture, revolves around the protagonist Janey Glenn, portrayed by Sarah Jessica Parker. Janey is a teenager with a dream: to appear on her favorite dance show, "Dance TV." The story takes off when this regular Chicago girl wins a competition that would allow her to become a regular on the show. This dream is shared by her new best friend, Lynne Stone, played by the vivacious Helen Hunt.

Biff Yeager shines in his role as Janey’s harsh and conservative father, Colonel Glenn. With a background in military school, the Colonel is at odds with Janey's rebellious spirit and dancing dreams as he steers her towards a more safe and traditional path. A perennially captivating figure on screen, Yeager displays commendable skill in his characterization of Colonel Glenn.

Kristi Somers, trusted with the role of Randa, perfectly captures the archetype of the typical rich and mean schoolgirl. Randa becomes a worthy adversary to Janey and Lynne, skillfully adding the much-needed conflict and zing in the storyline. Somers’ expert portrayal of Randa provides a perfect contrast to the exuberance and rebellion demonstrated by Sarah Jessica Parker.

Richard Blade, playing the role of a DJ and riding on his real-life popularity as a radio host, effortlessly injects the film with his charm and wit. As Blade's character brings the music and mood alive, he plays an instrumental role in bringing out the throbbing pulse of 80s disco culture.

The storyline develops as Janey and Lynne navigate the challenges of teen existence, fierce competition, and familial pressure. Exploring themes such as the madness of youth, the fight for dreams, the beauty of friendship, and the undying resilience of spirit, Girls Just Want to Have Fun also delves into the power dynamics of a conservative father struggling with his daughter’s rebellious ambitions.

The film serves as a delicious slice of 80s fashion and pop culture. Dance sequences punctuate the narrative, each one more energetic than the last, placing the movie firmly in the teen music-dance genre that defined the time. Exuding a luminous backdrop of retro fashion, buoyant hairstyles, neon lights, raucous dance contests, and irrepressible fireworks of teenage excitement, Girls Just Want to Have Fun stands tall as a cultural time capsule capturing the essence of young, restless, and vibrant 80s life.

The soundtrack is a hook unto itself, featuring songs that were radio staples in that era. They energize the dance sequences and provide a toe-tapping undercurrent to the film's larger narrative. Additionally, the title track of the film is a sprightly cover of Cyndi Lauper's empowering anthem "Girls Just Want to Have Fun," reinforcing the film's persona of youthful zest and unbridled enthusiasm.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun is breezy, infectious, and delightful, a perfect cocktail of laughs, dance, drama, and feel-good emotion. The film’s ability to stay sincere, lighthearted yet purposeful, helps viewers overlook the predictability of its storyline. It's more about the journey than the destination; watching Janey, Lynne, and their friends navigate the trials and triumphs of adolescence is what makes this coming-of-age tale a fun, lively ride.

Suffused with neon-hued nostalgia, Girls Just Want to Have Fun is a must-watch for fans of 80s pop culture or anyone looking for a fun, uplifting story of ambition, friendship, and the unadulterated joy of youth. Whether it’s for a trip down memory lane or a fresh look at a bygone era, this film delivers a fun and appealing romp through the explosive culture of 80s youth.

Girls Just Want to Have Fun is a Comedy, Kids & Family, Music, Romance movie released in 1985. It has a runtime of 90 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.9. It also holds a MetaScore of 56.

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