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Girl in Woods is a dramatic survival horror movie released in 2016. The movie, written and directed by Jeremy Benson, features a captivating cast that includes charismatic Charisma Carpenter, daring Juliet Reeves London, and talented Jeremy London. The heart-dropping narrative of the movie emphasizes why it is more of a haunting psychological thriller than a typical horror movie.

At the heart of the film is Grace, who Charisma Carpenter embodies majestically, giving a highly credible performance. She is accompanied by her loving fiance, Jim, played by Jeremy London — a testament to his effortlessly powerful acting chops. The story unfolds when Grace and Jim take a hiking trip into the stunning yet mysterious Smoky Mountains in Mississippi to celebrate their engagement. Here, the tranquility of nature conceals chilling secrets and horrifying mysteries.

While the atmosphere seems serene, the beginning of the film hints at an ominous underpinning — a disturbing event from Grace's past. This event induces in her a feeling of unease and fear that permeates the initial segments of the film, mingling with the mystery of the forest and creating an uncomfortable ambiance that suspensefully pushes the narrative forward.

The storyline takes a dark turn when Jim tragically dies, leaving Grace alone and stranded in the wilderness. Void of any hiking or survival experience, Grace must now confront her deepest fears and navigate her way back to civilization. The ordeal is further amplified by Grace's struggles with traumatic childhood memories that begin to resurface, blurring the line between reality and her nightmarish visions. Juliet Reeves London complements the cast with her impressive performance as a persona intertwined with Grace's past, adding another layer to this deeply suspenseful narrative.

Charisma Carpenter plays the traumatized, isolated woman with an intense vulnerability, simultaneously projecting an innate strength that keeps the audience rooting for her character. She fights, rebelling against the fears that hunt her, instilling a sense of intense anticipation and terror in the viewers.

The director, Jeremy Benson, has skillfully intertwined horror and psychological elements to the narrative. The unforgiving wilderness becomes a metaphorical embodiment of Grace's mental state — plagued by paranoia, horrifying flashbacks, and the chilling fear of what lies in the unknown.

Throughout the movie, lush forest scenes juxtapose the sense of dread and desolation that looms large over Grace. This contrast keeps the audience on their toes, subverting idyllic expectations with eerie suspense. The cinematography is particularly noteworthy, with the breathtaking visuals of Mississippi's wilderness amplifying both the beauty and the horror of the predicament that Grace finds herself in.

The team behind the movie also deserves praise for their visionary execution of an intricate narrative that merges themes of survival, horror, and psychology. Exceptional direction, coupled with high-quality editing and sound design, creates an atmosphere that is nerve-wracking and suspenseful. The sound design heightens the sense of eerie tranquility, further allowing viewers to immerse themselves within the narrative, feeling the character's every breath, heartbeat, and step in the forest.

"Girl in Woods," in essence, is about enduring and overcoming one's internal demons when faced with threatening circumstances, harrowing survival, and the overwhelming task of self-preservation. The film encapsulates the extents to which a person will go when they are pushed to the edge, both physically and mentally. Laced with fear, trauma, and layers of suspense, it delivers an electrifying viewing experience, leaving the audience on the edge of their seats.

Look forward to enjoying stunning performances, particularly by Charisma Carpenter, who carries the essence of the movie on her shoulders. The heroine’s struggle, determination, fear, sanity, and coping mechanisms make "Girl in Woods" an enticing watch for anyone who appreciates psychological thrillers and suspenseful survival dramas.

Girl in Woods is a Drama movie released in 2016. It has a runtime of 88 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 3.4..

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