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House of Bones, released in 2010, is a horror-thriller film that centers around a team of television paranormal investigators, who set out to make a documentary about an abandoned Louisiana plantation mansion, known as Dupont Mansion, which is reputed to be haunted. The film stars Charisma Carpenter as Heather Burton, a seasoned and skeptical host of an investigative TV series titled "The Graveyard Shift", who is determined to uncover the mystery behind the mansion's supposed paranormal activity. Alongside her are the show's producer, Quentin (Marcus Lyle Brown), and two cameramen, Tom (Collin Galyean) and Matt (Kyle Clements). As the team sets up their equipment and begins their investigation at Dupont Mansion, strange things begin to happen. They soon realize that the house has a dark past, and the ghosts of its former residents may not be at rest. As they continue to explore the mansion, they encounter terrifying apparitions and learn of the sinister events that unfolded within the house's walls. Gradually, the team begins to succumb to the mansion's malevolent power, and their skepticism is replaced by abject terror. Heather, who initially approaches the investigation with a healthy dose of skepticism, eventually realizes the gravity of the situation and is forced to confront her fears in order to survive. As the night progresses, the team is subjected to a series of increasingly horrifying events, including a séance that goes horribly wrong, possession, and violent attacks by an unseen force. Ultimately, the team must unravel the mystery of the mansion's past and put the malevolent spirits to rest in order to survive. The film is directed by Jeffery Scott Lando, who is known for his work in the horror and science fiction genres. The movie features a talented cast of actors, including Carpenter, Brown, and Ricky Wayne, who plays a creepy caretaker of the mansion. The film's setting, Dupont Mansion, provides a haunting backdrop for the events that unfold, with its ornate architecture and eerie atmosphere creating a sense of unease. Overall, House of Bones is a classic haunted house tale that delivers plenty of scares and thrills. The movie effectively plays on classic horror tropes, including jump scares, foreboding atmosphere, and supernatural entities. While the plot may be formulaic at times, the performances of the cast and the film's production make up for it. Fans of the horror and paranormal genres will appreciate this movie for its atmosphere, stunning visuals, and tense scares.

House of Bones is a Horror movie released in 2010. It has a runtime of 90 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.3..

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