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Days of Thunder, released in 1990, is an American sports action drama film, directed by Tony Scott and produced by Don Simpson and Jerry Bruckheimer. This iconic film sports a star-studded cast featuring Tom Cruise, Nicole Kidman, and Robert Duvall along with Randy Quaid, Cary Elwes and Michael Rooker. Rated PG-13, this film combined high-octane racing sequences, dramatic plot developments, and a simmering romance storyline in a mix that proved intoxicating for audiences who love action coated with a dose of love drama.

Tom Cruise plays the role of Cole Trickle, a young, brash and talented 'maverick' race car driver who's made his name on the local dirt track circuit. With boundless ambition and abundant raw talent, Trickle is plucked from obscurity to compete in the big leagues of NASCAR by car dealership kingpin, Tim Daland (Randy Quaid). Adaptation to the asphalt tracks presents initial challenges for Trickle, whch are further compounded when he clashes with rowdy veteran racer, Rowdy Burns (Michael Rooker).

Character and soul are added to the film through Cole's mentoring relationship with former champion racer-turned-mechanic and crew chief, Harry Hogge, played brilliantly by Robert Duvall. As a man haunted by a tragic accident, Harry's initial reluctance to return to the track is overcome by his admiration for Trickle's raw talent and instinct, leading to a mentor-mentee relationship that forms the backbone of the film’s narrative.

In the midst of this the audience is also introduced to the character of Dr. Claire Lewicki who is portrayed by Nicole Kidman. As a neurosurgeon, she initially meets Trickle when he sustains injuries from a high-speed collision on the racing track. An intelligent, pragmatic and resilient woman, Nicole provides the perfect counterpoint to the reckless charm of Cruise's Trickle. As she takes him under her care, their interactions bloom from professional to personal, their chemistry sparking an on-screen romance that adds emotional depth to the narrative.

Days of Thunder is an exciting thrill-ride through the world of auto-racing, glorifying the energetic and adrenaline-fueled lifestyle associated with the sport while also touching on its inherent dangers and risks. With its high-speed chases and spectacular crash scenes, there is plenty to keep auto-race enthusiasts entertained. However, the film does not cater solely to the racing fans. The script injects a healthy does of character development and emotional undertones that allow the story to touch the hearts of general audiences and sport lovers alike.

Crucial to the charm of Days of Thunder are the commanding performances of its star cast. Tom Cruise delivers a charismatic and passionate performance as the up-and-coming driver, while Robert Duvall exudes wisdom and weathered experience as the older mentor. Nicole Kidman brings strength and simmering sexuality to her role as the determined neurologist. The chemistry between Kidman and Cruise is palpable and provides a romantic subplot that just adds more substance to the plot.

Tony Scott's deft direction ensures that the spectacular race scenes are filmed in such a way that you can almost feel the vibrations of the revving engines through the screen, and the risks involved in the sport are never trivialized or glossed over. Hans Zimmer's pulsating musical score punctuates key moments in the narrative, amplifying the thrill of the racing sequences and the emotional depth in the more personal scenes.

Summarized, the movie holds itself up as a definitive entry in the sports drama genre. While Days of Thunder is, at its heart, a movie about fast cars and the daredevils who drive them, it is careful to explore the relevant, human themes of ambition, love, loyalty, redemption, personal growth and the pursuit of dreams. Through a well-constructed script, committed performances and high-energy visuals, it conveys the thrill and peril of auto racing while also exploring the heart and soul of those who partake in this high-stake sport. It's a film that truly does its title justice, providing both thunderous excitement and thought-provoking days of drama.

Days of Thunder is a Adventure, Action, Drama movie released in 1990. It has a runtime of 108 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.1. It also holds a MetaScore of 60.

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