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Jack Reacher is a 2012 action thriller directed by Christopher McQuarrie and starring Tom Cruise as the titular character. Based on Lee Child's novel One Shot, the film follows Jack Reacher, an ex-military policeman who investigates the shooting of five people in Pittsburgh.

The movie opens with a chilling sequence in which a sniper kills five seemingly random people. The suspect is promptly arrested, and when Jack Reacher learns of the case, he decides to investigate. Upon arriving in Pittsburgh, Jack meets with the suspect's defense attorney, Helen Rodin (Rosamund Pike), to gather more information.

As Jack delves deeper into the case, he uncovers a web of corruption and deceit that could put his own life in danger. He works with Helen to unravel the mystery and bring the true culprit to justice.

Tom Cruise delivers a solid performance as Jack Reacher, portraying the character's no-nonsense attitude and sharp intellect. Rosamund Pike is equally impressive as Helen Rodin, a capable and intelligent lawyer who proves to be a dependable ally to Jack.

Richard Jenkins also appears in the film as District Attorney Alex Rodin, Helen's father. He provides an interesting dynamic to the story, as his character is torn between his obligations as a law enforcement official and his paternal instincts.

The action sequences in Jack Reacher are well-executed, and the film's pacing keeps the audience engaged from start to finish. The plot twists and turns, keeping the viewer guessing as to who is truly behind the crime.

One minor criticism of the movie is that some of the dialogue can come across as a bit cheesy and cliched at times. However, this is a minor flaw in an otherwise solid film.

Overall, Jack Reacher is a thrilling ride that keeps the audience on the edge of their seats. Tom Cruise delivers a powerful performance, and the supporting cast is impressive as well. If you're a fan of action thrillers, Watch Jack Reacher Online; you won't be disappointed

Jack Reacher is a Crime, Drama, Thriller, Action movie released in 2012. It has a runtime of 130 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 7.0. It also holds a MetaScore of 50.

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