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Ballet Now is a vibrant 2018 American documentary that truly pushes the boundaries of both film and dance. The movie features the extraordinary talents of Isabella Boylston, Zachary Catazaro, and Preston Chamblee, and presents a backstage look into the world of ballet that is hardly ever witnessed by the outside world.

The main narrative revolves around Isabella Boylston, a principal dancer with the American Ballet Theatre. The film particularly focuses on Boylston's journey as she prepares to curate her first ever three-night ballet program for the Music Center’s famed BalletNOW initiative in Los Angeles. Boylston is the first woman to be honoured with this role, and the film does justice in portraying the sweat, stress, tears, and sheer fervour of taking on such an gargantuan responsibility.

Narrating her journey through the art of choreography, we witness the sheer focus, dedication, and talent needed to thrive in the grueling, often-overlooked profession of ballet. Boylston's undertaking is far from simple - she is responsible for 15 diverse, compelling, and challenging ballet performances involving 24 dancers from around the world; and the entire repertoire, from inception to curtain fall, has to be wrapped up in the span of a week! It is a joy to witness a performer of Boylston’s caliber open herself up to this challenge, creating a masterpiece out of pure grit and grace.

Providing an additional depth to the film’s narrative, Zachary Catazaro, a soloist with the New York City Ballet, and Preston Chamblee, also a prominent dancer in the contemporary ballet world, grace the film with their talent and charisma. The documentary not only shows the raw energy and intimate interactions that make a ballet performance come together, but also interweaves the personal stories of these artists and the emotions that drive their performances.

Ballet Now is not just a film about dance; the documentary captures the kaleidoscope of human emotion, the transcendent beauty of the human body in motion, and the amount of dedication and teamwork required before the curtain rises. First time director Steven Cantor captures moments filled with gripping tension as Boylston grapples with injuries, technical issues, rehearsal challenges, and the mounting pressure of delivering the show on time. Cantor’s vision provides the viewer with an intimate and informative, yet exquisitely beautiful, view of the ballet world.

However, this title does not simply regurgitate old clichés about ballet. The enormous amount of work and training it takes to produce the seemingly effortless grace and precision of ballet is showcased with unflinching honesty, presenting an industry that is often undervalued and misunderstood by the mainstream. Catazaro and Chamblee are seen working as hard as Boylston, emphasizing that ballet is very much a team sport despite its veneer of individual brilliance.

The film subtly touches upon the themes of gender, multiculturalism, and body diversity as inherent challenges in the ballet world. But these are not dwelled upon with melancholy; instead they are portrayed as paths to resilience and constructs to be surmounted with inimitable charm and grace. Catazaro’s story stands out in this aspect as he candidly talks about combating the stereotypical image of a male ballet dancer.

The brilliant cinematography in Ballet Now is worth mentioning as well. It captures the essence of ballet, presenting movements in slow motion that allow the audience to appreciate every lift, turn, and leap.

This documentary is a must-watch not just for dance enthusiasts, but everyone who appreciates the struggle and journey of an artist. Ballet Now serves as a wonderful tribute to the passion, commitment and artistic prowess needed to create the magical world of ballet, making it a rewarding and captivating watch for even those unfamiliar with the art form.

In conclusion, Ballet Now is an ode to the immersive world of professional ballet – an incredibly sincere, captivating, and at times, moving attempt to portray the lives of those harbingers who not only perform in, but live and breathe this enchanting world. With stunning performances and an insightful look at the journey towards an impeccable show, it truly is a treat for all art lovers.

Ballet Now is a Documentary movie released in 2018. It has a runtime of 75 min. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 7.3..

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