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"What Will Become of Us" is an enthralling Italian drama-comedy film from the year 2019 that delves into the world of self-discovery, change, and emotional resilience while tracking the journey of a character battling against odd circumstances. The film is directed by Giovanni Veronesi and features the incredible acting prowess of Fabio De Luigi, in the lead role, showcasing a side-spectrum of emotions in the most fluid manner.

The narrative of "What Will Become of Us" is compelling and far from the generic. The protagonist, Stefano Pirola, played by Fabio De Luigi, is a middle-aged man at the hem of his life, affronting paramount decisions that could change his destiny. Stefano is a successful entrepreneur in Milan, Italy. He is at the helm of a television shopping network, selling various items over the broadcast. However, despite his prosperous career, Stefano is not content. This sense of dissatisfaction exacerbates when his financial stability starts showing signs of faltering.

Simultaneously, Stefano is also grappling with issues in his personal life. He is divorced and has two grown children who are respectively traversing their own paths of life. His ex-wife Ginerva, played by Barbora Bobulova, is an independent woman living her life completely separate from Stefano, and their children are busy with their respective lives. His daughter Livia, performed by Angelica Elli, is a socially vested activist, bubbling with youthful wisdom and idealism, whereas his son Edoardo, played by Leonardo Lidi, is mired in his vices.

The critical turn in Stefano's life comes when he gets an unsettling health diagnosis that threatens not just his life but his career and relationships as well. Thereby leading him to the edge where he questions everything around him - the soullessness of his work, his disconnected relationships, his existential place in the world, and most importantly, what sort of legacy he will leave behind for his children.

Throughout the narrative, the film brilliantly paints the human dilemma against a backdrop of existential questioning and uncertainty. Stefano's journey is all about finding his real happiness and meaning in life, in place of the materialistic achievements and capitalist success he has striven for years. The film also does a stellar job of portraying how the protagonist's crisis affects those around him, specifically his family.

The process of Stefano’s self-exploration forms the crux of the story. It offers an intriguing exploration of a man-in-crisis and provides a thoughtful reflection on what truly matters in life - happiness, relationships, legacy - beyond the disarrayed hustle of ambition and success.

The narrative of "What Will Become of Us" is marked by its impeccable character sketches and detailed storytelling. This well-crafted script gets wings with the director's immersive storytelling style which adds depth to the narrative. The audiences will find themselves empathising with Stefano's journey, while the secondary characters also manage to hold their ground, representing a wide array of human emotions and situations.

The performances in "What Will Become of Us" are outstanding, particularly, De Luigi’s endearing rendition of Stefano. His portrayal of a man spiralling down in personal and professional crisis is intense yet relatable. He brings to the fore the emotions, insecurities, and struggles of his character beautifully, canvasing a spectrum of nuanced emotions. The supporting cast complements him aptly, ensuring a captivating viewing experience.

Technically, the film is backed by an excellent production design that vividly brings to life the urban landscape of Italy and becomes a silent character in the narrative. The cinematography does an incredible job of capturing Stefano's world, mired in personal and professional chaos, with a camera work that reflects his moods, his tensions, and at times, his despair.

In conclusion, "What Will Become of Us" is an intriguing drama that showcases a soulful journey of finding oneself amidst the chaos of life. It's a film that will appeal to adult audiences looking out for stories that reflect the complexities and uncertainties of mid-life. A serious tale about re-evaluating the concept of happiness, legacy and the decision to finally break away from the inertia of life.

What Will Become of Us is a Documentary movie released in 2022. It has a runtime of 72 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly positive reviews, with an IMDb score of 8.3..

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