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Between Me and My Mind, a documentary film released in 2019, provides an intimate and intricate glimpse into the life of its central figure, the acclaimed musician, Trey Anastasio. Renowned as the lead vocalist and guitarist of the jam band Phish, Anastasio has fascinated fans for decades with his unique melodic compositions and inventive guitar skills.

Directed by Steven Cantor, this captivating portrait traverses the life and work of Anastasio as he prepares for one of the largest concerts of his career, while simultaneously working on new material for Phish and his other projects. The documentary reveals not just the compelling and demanding world of professional musicianship, but also the personal layers of Anastasio's character, thoughts, and his approach toward life.

The body of this documentary takes us on a journey of Anastasio’s life, from his childhood, to the formation of Phish, and up to the present day. Cantor skillfully uses carefully curated archival footage, candid interviews, and hushed conversations which clue audiences into the myriad of experiences and people who have influenced the musician. Anastasio and those closest to him, including his parents Ernest and Dina Anastasio, as well as his wife Sue, share their reflections, providing a touching narrative backbone to the film.

In one of the most compelling threads of Between Me and My Mind, viewers witness Anastasio’s creative process as he navigates composing a new album, Ghosts of the Forest. Not only does the documentary delve into the dedicated labor behind the music – the melodies, lyrics, mastering, and the joy experienced in those breakthrough moments – it also uncovers the influence of life’s profound moments on art. We see Anastasio wrestling with mortality, revisiting past relationships, and coping with personal loss, all of which profoundly impact his music creation.

Interestingly, the film explores Anastasio’s constant quest for perfection and his uncanny ability to thrive in the chaos of constant creativity. As a prolific songwriter with an affinity for experiments in rhythm, sound, and harmony, Anastasio is seen as tireless in his pursuit of delivering soul-stirring music. This relentless pursuit often blurs the line between his personal and artistic life, adding an extra depth to the film.

The band Phish, of course, also shines brightly in Between Me and My Mind. Band members Mike Gordon, Jon Fishman and Page McConnell warmly contribute, revealing the inner mechanics of their collective chemistry, mutual respect, and shared frustration during the songwriting process. Diehard fans will appreciate this close-up view of the camaraderie and shared creative vision that underpin the band they love.

While the majority of Between Me and My Mind travels in-depth into Anastasio’s life and work, a significant part is set in Madison Square Garden in New York. As the band prepares for a mega-concert, the film gradually builds tension and audiences get a glimpse of the massive effort that goes into producing such an event.

However, Cantor ensures that the documentary doesn't just stay a celebrity musician chronicle. Instead, he brings the audience face to face with elements of universal human experience - love, loss, creativity, success, and struggle. The film beautifully represents Anastasio as a man who is not separated by his stardom from the core human condition.

Overall, Between Me and My Mind is an extraordinary exploration of the life and creative process of Trey Anastasio. It spotlights the person behind the stage, candidly showing us a portrait of a musician who continues to push himself, relentlessly composing, playing, recording, and performing. It is an affectionate tribute to both the artist and human being - a must-watch for any fan or those interested in modern music history.

Layering emotional depth with artistic insight, Between Me and My Mind successfully navigates the delicate balance between showcasing celebrity glamour and emphasizing the profound humanity of its protagonist. It is a film of art, heart, and extraordinary music, shedding light on the mesmerizing life of Trey Anastasio. Whether you are an ardent fan of Phish or curious to unravel the journey of a musical genius, Between Me and My Mind is a documentary that is worth sinking into. It emphasizes that no matter how large the stage is, it's the chords of life and experiences that help compose the most beautiful melodies.

Between Me and My Mind is a Documentary, Music movie released in 2019. It has a runtime of 94 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 7.6..

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