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Analyze That is a sequel to a 1999 comedic hit Analyze This, starring Robert De Niro as Paul Vitti alongside Billy Crystal who plays Dr. Ben Sobol. Lisa Kudrow, reprising her role as Laura, completes this winning ensemble. The 2002 film continues the storyline and stays true to its roots by offering a delightful and surprisingly effective mix of humor andintrigue. It is directed by Harold Ramis who imparts his comedic flair to every scene and ensures that the tone of the sequel is in sync with its predecessor.

As we dive into Analyze That, the narrative kicks off with consequencesthat the first movie concluded with. Naturally, De Niro's character Vitti is serving his prison sentence for his criminal activities. However, his stint in prison is cut short when he begins to display symptoms of a psychological breakdown, and due to his criminal background and psychological distress, the Feds decide to assign Vitti to Dr. Sobol. The catch – Dr. Sobol has to take Vitti into his own home on parole, resulting in a living situation that is both comically chaotic and unpredictably dangerous.

De Niro 's portrayal in Analyze That is fantastic, as he is still the hardened criminal mind the audience knows him to be, yet he displays a perfect balance of his comedic and dramatic talents. His character's emotional journey is central to the plot, drawing viewers into the world of Analyze That. Vitti's reformation and reintroduction to society forms a major part of the narrative, making room for humor and light-hearted moments as he channels his menacing charisma into various conventional career paths.

In contrast to Vitti, Crystal’s Dr. Sobol is a decent and calm personality. He delivers his witty dialogues with finesse; his character is sandwiched between the pressure of managing his normal family life and the responsibility that has befallen him. Throughout each situation, Crystal’s comic timing serves as an anchor, bringing a sense of balance and levity to the drama.

Lisa Kudrow, as Laura, Dr. Sobol's wife, is less of a focal point in this film, but her small role contributes to the overall humor and occasionally leads to some quality banter with her on screen husband. Sensing the danger of Vitti's presence in their home, Laura’s annoyance and constant apprehension about the chaos in their lives induces laughter and adds to the narrative's quirkiness.

The mob-related subplot reemerges in Analyze That, but the script cleverly steers clear of over-complicating the matter, maintaining a comedic undertone throughout. Most of the characters' actions and reactions seem consistent with their personas established in the first movie. So, there are still shades of a mobster in Vitti and a slightly confused, often overwhelmed Dr. Sobol managing him. Analyze That keeps sticking with the tradition of the original to combine therapy-related humor with mafia-influenced drama for the majority of its run.

A standout with a quick tempo, Analyze That effectively uses many scenarios to draw comedy from its unconventional setup. The screenplay by Peter Steinfeld and Peter Tolan, laced with engaging dialogues, shifts effortlessly between light-hearted comedy and intense moments, maintaining the delicate balance between the various contrary aspects of the plot.

The film also showcases Harold Ramis's expertise in the comedy genre, as witnessed by his previous works. His adept handling of the plot and characters keeps the movie fresh and engaging. The small moments of hilarity spread throughout are sure to evoke spontaneous laughter, and the performances by the central duo, Crystal and De Niro, are commendable.

In overall, Analyze That can be seen as a light-hearted comedy that gels together humor and the unusual situation of a mob boss being in therapy. It manages to keep the audience engaged with its fast-moving plot, comic scenarios, and amusing performances by the lead cast. Although a sequel, it holds its own and provides an entertaining movie experience.

Analyze That is a Comedy, Crime movie released in 2002. It has a runtime of 96 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 5.9. It also holds a MetaScore of 37.

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