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"The Ice Harvest" is a 2005 crime-comedy film directed by Harold Ramis and starring John Cusack, Billy Bob Thornton, and Connie Nielsen. The movie is based on the novel of the same name by Scott Phillips, and the story is set in Wichita, Kansas, on Christmas Eve.

The film follows the story of two criminals, Charlie Arglist (John Cusack) and Vic Cavanaugh (Billy Bob Thornton), who have just stolen $2.1 million from a mafia boss named Bill Guerrard (Randy Quaid). Charlie is a crooked lawyer, and Vic is the head of the local strip club. They both plan to get out of town with the money and start a new life, but their plans are about to go wrong.

Charlie has been having an affair with Vic's wife, Renata (Connie Nielsen), and he wants to use the money to start a new life with her. However, Renata has her own plans, and she wants to keep the money for herself. Meanwhile, Guerrard is after the money, and he has sent his hitman, Roy Gelles (Mike Starr), to find it.

As the night progresses, Charlie and Vic hide at the strip club, trying to wait out the storm and figure out what to do with the money. However, they soon realize that they are not alone. They are being watched by the local sheriff, Harold Ronstadt (Oliver Platt), and his deputy, Dave (David Pasquesi). The sheriff suspects that Charlie and Vic are up to something, and he is determined to catch them red-handed.

The movie is a mix of comedy and suspense, and it keeps the viewers on their toes throughout. The cast is excellent, with John Cusack and Billy Bob Thornton playing off each other's strengths in their roles as the bickering partners in crime. Connie Nielsen also delivers a strong performance as the femme fatale who has a plan of her own.

The setting of the movie adds to the sense of danger and tension. The snowstorm that is raging outside adds to the sense of isolation and desperation felt by the characters. The film is also notable for its music, which includes a mix of traditional Christmas songs and more contemporary pieces, such as Tom Waits' haunting "Alice."

Overall, "The Ice Harvest" is a well-crafted movie that manages to balance the elements of crime drama with the humor of a dark comedy. The movie keeps the audience guessing until the end, and the final twist is both surprising and satisfying. If you're a fan of crime films, dark comedies, or just good movies in general, "The Ice Harvest" is definitely worth checking out.

The Ice Harvest is a Crime, Comedy movie released in 2005. It has a runtime of 89 min. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.2. It also holds a MetaScore of 62.

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