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American Wrestler: The Wizard is a captivating and heartfelt sports drama released in 2016. Directed by Alex Ranarivelo and produced by Ali Afshar and Christina Moore, the influential narrative touches upon the themes of resilience, sacrifice, and assertion of personal identity. This inspiring movie features seasoned actors like George Thomas, William Fichtner, and Ali Afshar.

Based on true events, the narrative of American Wrestler: The Wizard follows the life of a brave Iranian teenager, Ali Jahani (George Thomas). It captures the poignant journey of Ali who flees from his war-torn country to the United States amid the 1980 Iran hostage crisis. As an outsider combating discrimination and hostile sentiments because of his national origin, Ali tries to fit into the completely different societal and cultural fabric of his new home.

William Fichtner, acclaimed for his commanding performances over the years, takes the mantle of Principal Skinner's character. Skinner is a strong and strict character who commands respect and tends to keep everyone around him in line, while also discerning potential when he spots it.

Ali Afshar, also the producer, plays the role of Hafez, portraying a critical character who supports and facilitates Ali's transition to the American way of life. Afshar's performance is commendable and extends beyond the screen since he himself lived through similar experiences being an Iranian-American.

This sports drama unfolds further when Ali discovers his love and potential for wrestling, and his life takes a significant turn. Wrestling becomes both a refuge and a proving ground for him as he tries to create a niche for himself in school sports. His journey through wrestling emphasizes steadfast courage, relentless determination, and his fight against prejudice. It shows how, in the face of adversity, sports can become a platform for proving one's mettle and a unifying force that can break boundaries, stereotypes, and prejudices.

Highlighted amidst the rough and grueling wrestling bouts are the soft, warm shots, perfectly weaving the duality of Ali's life. Beautifully shot, each frame is a testament to the outstanding rapport between the director, Alex Ranarivelo, and Director of Photography, Reuben Steinberg. The immersive cinematography manages to capture the visceral and brutal sport of wrestling as well as the emotional rollercoaster of a young man who is struggling to fit in a foreign land.

The compelling screenplay of American Wrestler: The Wizard is enriched exceptionally by Brian Rudnick, who skilfully intertwines the essence of sports with emotions of personal struggle, resilience, and triumph. Not just a wrestling film, the story navigates the trials and triumphs of assimilation, culture shock, racism, and the power of human will.

The outstanding background score and sound design play a crucial role in amplifying the impact of poignant moments and tense wrestling scenes. Also, one cannot overlook the impeccable costume and production design that do justice to the early 80s setting and successfully contribute to telling a riveting story of the era.

American Wrestler: The Wizard is an excellent testament to the resilience of the human spirit. It's a story of an outsider who dared to overcome his circumstances and prove that he was more than the stereotypes he was judged by. More than just a sports film, American Wrestler: The Wizard captures the essence of struggle, perseverance, and triumph over adversity, while also showcasing the vast power of sportsmanship and unity.

Overall, American Wrestler: The Wizard is a cinematic gem that transcends the cliches of a typical sports movie. It is a must-watch for sports enthusiasts and film lovers alike as it successfully combines an inspiring sports narrative with the realities of societal constraints and the personal struggle of a brave teenager longing for acceptance. High on emotions, this movie ticks all the boxes for those who are up for a deeply engaging and potent story. It's a movie that will leave you cheering, not only for the protagonist's victory in the sports arena but also his triumphant personal journey of resolution and determination.

American Wrestler: The Wizard is a Drama movie released in 2016. It has a runtime of 117 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 7.1..

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