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The Neighbor is a riveting 2017 drama-thriller movie directed by Aaron Harvey. The protagonist of the movie, Mike, is masterfully portrayed by famed actor William Fichtner, known for his roles in Prison Break and Armageddon. The talented cast is complemented by the performances of Jessica McNamee and Jean Louisa Kelly.

Mike, a middle-aged man, lives in a typical suburban environment and maintains a mundane routine -- he simply goes through the motions, getting up every day, going to work at a corporate office and then coming home. He lives with his wife Lisa, played by Jean Louisa Kelly, who brings a dynamic to her role as a woman whose dreams have been paused by real life. Despite having seemingly ideal circumstances including a secure job, good marriage, and a comfortable home in a nice neighborhood, Mike harbors an emptiness and discontentment which are subtly conveyed by Fichtner's nuanced performance.

Set against the backdrop of a seemingly peaceful suburban neighborhood, the story experiences a dramatic shift when a young couple moves next door. Jenna, played by Jessica McNamee, is an intriguing character who livens the narrative and introduces a refreshing contrast to Mike's otherwise monotonous existence. She's vibrant, lively, and brings an air of spontaneity to the neighborhood that has been missing from Mike and Lisa's life. Her husband Scott, though not always present, is a necessary element adding to the intricacy of the plot.

Drawn to Jenna's youthful vivacity and cheer, Mike finds himself fascinated by his young and lively neighbor. He's captivated by her zest for life, taking us on a journey of self-discovery, reevaluation, and introspection. As layers of Mike's character are gradually peeled back, we are presented with a deeper understanding of his apparent disillusionment and discontentment, drawing the viewer deeper into his character's exploration.

Simultaneously, the dynamics of Mike's relationship with Lisa, carefully built by screenwriter Richard Byard and director Aaron Harvey, are gradually unrolled. The film explores their marriage, the affection that still binds them, and the strain of time and disappointment that has wedged its way between them. Jessica McNamee and William Fichtner masterfully depict this fragile marital dynamic with a sense of realism that mirrors the challenges every longstanding couple faces.

The Neighbor is a study of the human condition and how routine and monotony can supersede even the most comfortable of lifestyles. It explores the themes of friendship, desire, and dissatisfaction - offering a critique on the societal norm of settling into the familiar and safe routine of suburbia, thus making the audience question their own desire for excitement and change.

Aaron Harvey oversees the narrative in a way that beautifully balances tension and suspense, with moments of raw emotion and honesty. The rhythm of the plot is marked by Harvey’s skillful storytelling which is a slow burn, building up anticipation, and folding in layers of complexity and emotion. The audience is carried along a current of suspense and intrigue while being drawn into the relatable domesticity and everyday interactions of these characters.

The film's overall visual appeal is deeply satisfying and effectively portrays the juxtaposition between suburban tranquillity and the storm brewing within the characters. The camera work and colors capture the nuances of suburban life – the pastels, the greens of the trees, the small but immaculately kept homes are a contradiction in a setting filled with internal turmoil.

The movie offers a refreshing combination of realistic dialogue, excellent acting, and interesting story development. Despite dealing with heavy themes, the film succeeds in maintaining an undercurrent of suspense throughout, leaving the audience in a state of intrigued uncertainty and empathetic engagement.

In conclusion, The Neighbor is a quiet, but deeply impactful film. It is a satisfying exploration of the deep-rooted discontentment that can hide beneath the facade of a seemingly perfect suburban lifestyle. It showcases the depth and complexity of human relationships and the yearning for change that can often lie undetected beneath the surface of everyday monotony.

The Neighbor is a Thriller, Drama movie released in 2017. It has a runtime of 105 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it mostly poor reviews, with an IMDb score of 4.8..

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