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Aces High is a thrilling war movie set during World War I, released in 1976. The film is directed by Jack Gold and written by Howard Barker. The movie features a star-studded cast including Malcolm McDowell, Christopher Plummer, Simon Ward, and many others. The movie is based on the play called Journey's End by R. C. Sherriff.

The film portrays the life of British pilots in the Royal Flying Corps during the Great War. The story follows a young pilot named Croft (played by Simon Ward) who has just arrived in France and joins an experienced squadron led by Major John Gresham (played by Malcolm McDowell). Gresham's team has seen a lot of action, and he is convinced that he will not get out of the war alive. The story unfolds as the team fights various battles against the Germans in the air and on the ground.

The film captures the realism of World War I through its intense battle scenes and visuals. One of the most exceptional aspects of this movie is its attention to detail in recreating warplanes aircraft from World War I with great realism. The aerial dogfights between the Royal Flying Corps and the Germans are brought to life in a way that is both thrilling and realistic.

Malcolm McDowell delivers an outstanding performance as Major John Gresham, portraying him as a seasoned veteran of the war who has seen it all. Gresham is the father figure to his team and is willing to make tough decisions to ensure their survival. He is willing to take on the toughest missions himself and lead the team into a dangerous situation that may cost them their lives. Simon Ward also delivers an excellent performance as the young and eager Croft, who is trying to make a name for himself in the war.

Christopher Plummer provides a solid supporting role as the squadron's doctor, who tries to keep everyone in good health despite the difficult conditions. Other notable performances include Peter Firth as Lt. Crawford and Ray Milland as Colonel Sinclair. The chemistry between the characters is superb, and their relationships are developed in a way that makes the audience care for their well-being.

The movie is above all a war movie but there is a good dose of drama, tension, and even humor that keeps the viewers engaged throughout the movie. The camaraderie between the pilots is portrayed with great relatability, and the audience can see the bond and respect they have for each other, despite their rank or social status.

The aerial battles that take place in the movie are a visual spectacle, and the sound of the planes is breathtaking. The pilots fly through the clouds and above the trenches, dodging bullets and avoiding obstacles. The practical effects used in the movie are impressive and add to the realism of the battle scenes.

The movie's score by Dominic Frontiere is beautiful and perfectly complements the tone of the film. It's a mix of soaring orchestral pieces and a delicate piano theme that fits well with the film's emotional scenes.

Aces High is a powerful and emotional film that portrays the horrors and difficulties of war with great realism. The film's aerial battles, attention to detail, and outstanding performances make it stand out as one of the best war films ever made. It's a must-watch for fans of the genre and anyone interested in experiencing the thrill and danger of early aviation in a wartime setting.

Aces High is a Action, Drama, War movie released in 1976. It has a runtime of 114 min.. Critics and viewers have rated it moderate reviews, with an IMDb score of 6.5..

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