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New Hope In Orlando

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Lost in Love County
17-year-old Molly Miller and 21-year-old Colt Haynes vanish after a high-speed chase with police. When Payne learns that the suspect is related to someone in law enforcement that was charged with corruption, the team heads to Oklahoma to unravel the mystery.

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Deadly Spirits
29-year-old Krystal Reisinger went to Colorado on a spiritual journey in 2016 and vanished. Police and family believe foul play is involved, but there are few clues.

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The Vanishing Family
The mysterious disappearance or Korinna Malinoski, and daughter Annette, from their South Carolina home has continued to baffle family and police for the past 30 years. Payne and team attempt to reunite a family in the process.

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Final Newscast
Jodi Huisentruit, a popular news anchor, vanishes before her morning newscast in a small town in Iowa. For 24 years her family and friends have been searching for her and are tormented with numerous theories of her demise.

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Jodi Huisentruit
Jodi Huisentruit, a popular news anchor, vanishes before her morning newscast in a small town in Iowa. For 24 years her family and friends have been searching for her and are tormented with numerous theories of her demise.

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Up and Vanished is an intriguing investigative documentary series from Oxygen that originally aired in 2019. The series is a gripping onscreen adaptation of the famous podcast of the same name, which earned popularity for reopening cold case investigations and delving deeply into the unsolved disappearances in small towns across America. Mixing elements of true crime, mystery, and deeply personal human stories, the show provides viewers a haunting exploration into the criminal underbelly of small-town America and the agonizing effects of unresolved crime on the community.

The show is the brainchild of Atlanta filmmaker Payne Lindsey who, before becoming widely recognized through his podcast 'Up and Vanished,' had no experience in law enforcement or private investigation. Lindsey however, couldn't resist the allure of unsolved mysteries and the injustice of forgotten victims, making it his mission to shed light on these cold cases. His fresh, journalistic approach to story-telling injects a new perspective on true crime narratives and offers a unique viewing experience that sets Up and Vanished apart from other crime-solving shows.

Each episode focuses on a different, usually decades-old case, viewing the disappearance not just as an isolated event, but as an often terrifying and bewildering experience that has a profound impact on the community left behind. From the outset, viewers are presented with the basic facts of the case accompanied by interviews with local law enforcement, family members, friends, lead detectives, and sometimes even potential suspects. These interviews and re-enactments shed light on the personal side of these cases bringing an emotional resonance to the accounts, which makes the series compelling.

Lindsey's series examines disappearances in which initial investigations have stalled, leaving behind a trail of unanswered questions and shattered lives. Up and Vanished seeks to uncover new evidence, turn over every possible stone and chase down every lead in a desperate search for answers. Its episodes are stocked with unexpected twists, surprising revelations and sometimes simply reiterate the seemingly insurmountable challenges these cases present.

One unique aspect of the series is its emphasis on getting viewers involved. Inspired by the success of his podcast, where listener tips actually lead to significant developments and even arrests, Lindsey maintains an open-door policy when it comes to receiving information about the cases he covers. Each episode ends by asking viewers for tips and information. This encourages a sense of viewer participation, making audiences feel as though they’re part of the solution rather than just spectators.

The series is punctuated with dramatic re-enactments and real-life footage of the towns where these disappearances took place, filling in the gaps between archival footage and present-day interviews. The series manages to paint a vivid, eerie picture of these small, tight-knit communities and their shaken sense of security.

But it’s not just about dispensing facts and revealing the grim details of each disappearance. Up and Vanished is also a meditation on grief, loss, and the burdens of not knowing. Lindsey’s sincere and emphatic interviews with family and friends of the victims emphasize this, and he goes to great lengths to give the victims a voice and bring closure to their loved ones.

The documentary series focuses on the need for empathy in crime reporting. It's not just about whodunit, but also about who's affected, how the community responds, and the stark realities of criminal investigations. It is indeed this human side of Up and Vanished that feels incredibly timely: this is a series that cares about its subjects, understanding how tragedy affects communities, and exposing the wider systemic issues that often lead to these cases going cold and unexplored.

On a wider scope, Up and Vanished is a poignant reminder that behind every statistic or forgotten news story, there’s a person who mattered, a network of loved ones left behind, and a community marked with indelible scars. It’s a series that haunts and challenges, and one that serves the public good by pushing for justice and answers where there were previously none.

In conclusion, Up and Vanished is more than just another true crime series. It's a look into the soul of communities affected by heart-rending loss, a plea from the heart for justice, and a laudable effort to bring closure to families left in despair, turning true crime viewing from a guilty pleasure into an act of empathy and understanding – a testament to the power of investigative storytelling.

Up and Vanished is a series categorized as a . Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 7 episodes, the show debuted on 2018. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.7.

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