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Episode 12
After enjoying a relaxing cycle into work, Julian soon faces an uphill struggle at the Thirsk practice. A Large Munsterlander has a cancerous tumour on his jaw, and another vet has already recommended having him put to sleep.

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Episode 11
It's a landmark day at the hospital in Huddersfield, as Shona and the team use a new electro chemotherapy treatment on a pet pygmy goat's cancerous tumour. Peter heads into surgery with an elderly Lhasa apso who's been suffering with a painful eye problem.

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Episode 10
A newborn lamb is brought to the hospital after being found abandoned by the roadside. The lamb arrived in a bag for life, but Matt and David have their work cut out to save his life.

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Episode 9
An old friend of Peter heads down to the practice with a sheep who had one lamb last night, but is struggling to give birth to her second. Although neither vet nor farmer are feeling optimistic for the unborn lamb's chances.

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Episode 8
A 15-year old farmer's favourite calf is struggling with a suspected hernia. And, as Matt investigates Maggie's condition, all might not be as expected.

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Episode 7
Peter Wright treats two kittens that have been dumped in a bag and set on fire. Shona performs an emergency Caesarean to try and save a cow and her calf.

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Episode 6
Julian has a mystery to solve when he treats two pet goats that have been attacked by an unknown animal. Peter visits an old friend's farm where he meets a pig that is under the weather.

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Episode 5
Matt and David meet equine rock star Jon Bon Pony. Peter treats a farmer's trusty Labrador who's struggling to walk after cutting herself on a nail.

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Episode 4
Peter treats two wild owls brought into his practice. Shona rushes to the aid of a horse that has trodden on a nail.

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Episode 3
Peter Wright treats a pet sheep with flystrike, resulting in maggots living in its ear. The Huddersfield team perform spinal surgery on a French bulldog.

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Episode 2
Matt Smith heads to Cannon Hall Farm where Rob and Dave's latest arrival, a Highland calf, has serious breathing problems. Elsewhere, Rohin Aojula takes his dad on a call to help a horse that has suffered a nasty injury while out riding.

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Episode 1
Julian operates on a French Bulldog that has injured one of his 3 legs. Matt Smith rushes to a farm to try and save an ewe and her unborn lamb.

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The Yorkshire Vet is a captivating documentary-style reality television series that first premiered in the year 2015 on Acorn TV. It showcases the heartwarming, yet arduous journeys of two expert vets working in the beautiful rural region of North Yorkshire, England. The show primarily revolves around the lives of veterinarians Peter Wright and Julian Norton, as they are seen responding to the medical needs of a diverse range of animals in the town.

At the heart of this series is the Skeldale Veterinary Centre, which was once the practice of the famous vet and author Alf Wight, better known as James Herriot. Following in his legendary footsteps are the series' main characters, Wright and Norton, who handle the daily challenges of this busy rural practice.

The Yorkshire Vet captures the gorgeous settings of North Yorkshire by expertly blending stunning landscapes with the drama of animal care. The professionals work with various types of animals, from pets to farm animals and wildlife, navigating through numerous complex health issues. The show exhibits the dedicated and passionate work of these vets, providing viewers an authentic representation of the veterinary profession.

With every episode, the show takes viewers on an emotional roller-coaster, featuring situations that are tinged with moments of stress, joy, heartbreak, and relief. The story of each episode often follows the diagnosis, treatment, and recovery process of an animal in distress. There are scenes of surgery, home visits, farm calls and even some that deftly touch upon the intricate ethical dilemmas faced by the vets. Consequently, the show educates viewers about various animal conditions and the curative practices deployed by these skilled professionals.

Though the routine and practice of veterinary medicine form the primary theme of the show, it also seamlessly delves into the personal lives of the principal characters. Wright and Norton have their unique charm, with years of experience under their belts and hearts full of love for their animal patients. Their compassion, perseverance and resilience make them easy to relate to and establishes a profound connection with viewers.

Beyond the vets themselves, the show shines a light on the larger community of North Yorkshire. You'll meet a host of farmers, pet owners and local residents, alongside the diverse fauna the area has to offer. These human-interest stories add another endearing facet to the show, with many light-hearted and amusing moments to counterbalance the more intense, emotional scenes.

Furthermore, the quintessentially British essence of the series is maintained throughout, from local Yorkshire accents and idioms to the traditional practices used by the vendors and farmers. The marvelous panoramas of the Yorkshire countryside, the intimate insights into rural living, and the broader exploration of veterinary life give the series a unique appeal.

The professionals are viewed as local heroes for their tireless work, day in and day out, in their effort to ensure the well-being of their animal patients. But the animals are painted as the true stars, with their stories often pulling on the heartstrings of viewers. The series shines a light on the incredible bond that exists between humans and animals, reminding us of our responsibility to keep these fellow creatures safe and healthy.

As an unscripted documentary series, The Yorkshire Vet offers a raw and realistic insight into being a veterinary practitioner in the rugged environment of Northern England. The issues dealt with are genuinely heartfelt, the work done by the vets is indisputably necessary, and the relief visible on the faces of worried pet owners is unmistakably real. This reality-TV angle makes the show not just a veterinary procedural, but also provides great human drama.

Overall, The Yorkshire Vet serves as a wholesome, heartwarming package of inspirational human and animal stories. The show charms viewers with its beautiful portrayal of rural life, nerve-wracking medical procedures, and an honest depiction of the highs and lows involved in caring for our four-legged friends. Through the lens of Peter Wright and Julian Norton, the series provides viewers a closer look at the often heroic work of a rural vet, in a comforting, feel-good fashion. It’s an engrossing, and at times emotional, watch for animal lovers and anyone with an interest in veterinary practice.

The Yorkshire Vet is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 16 seasons with a total of 181 episodes, the show debuted on 2015. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.7.

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How can I watch The Yorkshire Vet online? The Yorkshire Vet is available on Acorn TV with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch The Yorkshire Vet on demand at Amazon Prime, Pluto TV, Tubi TV, Amazon online.

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