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Reptile Skin
The Toe Bro helps a patient kick her "nasty" feet to the curb so she can be a "fun" grandma again. The nurse becomes the patient as she says good-bye forever to her crazy-thick claw.

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Itchy to the Bone
One patient's decades-old fungal nails are so striking that she named them. Another had to sell his business because he literally can't stand his severely infected ingrown toenails.

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Zombie Nail
An Olympic swimmer takes home three new prizes after removing a fungal infection. Then a young man just wants to run and play, but his stubborn ingrown toenails are growing right through his flesh.

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Mother of All Warts
Quirky brothers need help with their ingrown toenails and calluses; a drummer wants to feel the beat of the drum without the pain of a wart; a BMX rider with painful toes calls on The Toe Bro to get him back in the saddle.

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The Nail Eating Toe
A dancer gets her ingrown toenails permanently removed; toenail trauma leads to fungus on multiple toes for a patient whose only course of action might be more drastic than he ever suspected; a girl fights a stubborn wart.

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Just another day in the office as The Toe Bro sees a former ballet dancer who longs to rid herself of painful ingrown toenails so she can dance again, a diabetic patient that takes back his mobility by having The Toe Bro battle his extreme pincer toenails, and a patient wants to make cracked heels a thing of the past so she can wear those hot new shoes to girls' night out. None of this could prepare The Toe Bro for the Toezilla, a huge big toe ballooning from infection.

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The Toe Bro is a fascinating reality television show that premiered on A&E network in 2019. It showcases the remarkable medical journey of Canadian podiatrist Dr. Jonathan Tomines, popularly known as ‘The Toe Bro’, in the city of Toronto. The Toe Bro is well-known for his unique and somewhat unconventional practices in this area of medicine that is typically shrouded in anonymity.

The series provides an intimate look into a lesser-explored facet of medicine: chiropody, more commonly known as foot care. It serves as an eye-opener for viewers, illuminating the diverse and complex issues that can arise in relation to the foot, perhaps a part of the body often overlooked in the grand scheme of general healthcare.

The premise of the show revolves around Dr. Tomines addressing an array of foot-related problems, from the simple and routine to the incredibly challenging and unique. His patients suffer from a variety of foot ailments including, but not limited to, extreme corns and callouses, grotesque fungal infections, ingrown toenails, foot deformities, and odd warts. There are episodes featuring patients with rare and severe foot conditions requiring sophisticated treatments and sometimes even surgeries.

The compelling storytelling, coupled with the graphic visuals of foot conditions, might keep the viewers split between amusement and shock. Each episode explores a different narrative, with patients sharing their personal stories of how their foot condition has affected their lives. Medical procedures and the process of healing are extensively documented, giving audiences a glimpse into the world of podiatry, a mix of science, art, and, surprisingly, a bit of horror.

Dr. Tomines, being the star of the show, shines not only for his expertise in treating diverse and challenging foot problems but also for his compassionate care and exemplary patient interactions. He is known for his warm demeanour, sharp wit, and uncanny ability to lighten the mood even while dealing with the most gruesome of foot ailments, which adds to the show's entertainment value, making it more than just a medical documentary series.

The Toe Bro follows in the tradition of other medical shows like Dr. Pimple Popper, but with its niche focus, it manages to stand out in the crowd. The show makes it clear that podiatry is not just about foot care but also has a psychological component as these ailments often impact the patient's self-confidence and mental health.

Apart from the treatment part, the series also shoulders the mission of educating people about foot health, providing insights into preventative practices and general foot care. It teaches us that foot health is an integrated part of our overall well-being and should not be neglected.

The Toe Bro offers behind-the-scenes access into a world that most people know nothing about, showcasing the intriguing, and sometimes shocking reality of foot care and the underestimated significance of podiatric health. Its realistic portrayal of a profession that’s not commonly showcased on television combined with an engaging protagonist make it an interesting watch.

While its graphic footage might not be everyone's cup of tea, for those who have an interest in medical realities and human anatomy, or for those who enjoy reality shows with an eccentric twist, The Toe Bro can be an unexpectedly satisfying watch. The series is a testament to the fact that reality television has no limits when it comes to presenting life's actualities, even if they are foot-deep in the realm of the bizarre.

Visually intriguing, medicinally educational, psychologically insightful, and emotionally engaging, The Toe Bro achieves all four without compromising on its core entertainment factor. It is a show that firmly grounds itself in the reality of the podiatrist's chair, delivering both the scientific and the humane aspects of dealing with those who come seeking relief. So, next time you look at your feet, you might consider them with a newfound respect and compassion, thanks to the world of The Toe Bro.

The Toe Bro is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 6 episodes, the show debuted on 2019. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.1.

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