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Arthur’s battle with Cath comes to an epic conclusion. The Seven Deadly Sins go their separate ways as peace returns to the world once again.

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An Everlasting Kingdom
The true identity of Cath, who attacked Arthur, is that of a beast tyrant who was once created from chaos. Merlin, who has parted company with the Seven Deadly Sins, confronts Cath alone to protect Arthur.

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A Taste of Chaos
A secret feeling for Meliodas, and a resurgence of chaos to satisfy the hunger of the heart ... Merlin's aim revealed.

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What the Witch Had Always Wanted
"When the balance between light and darkness is lost, the age of the gods is over and the chaos revives. And the world will be reborn.

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Mortal Enemies
The Demon King separates from the body of Zeldris and uses the land of Britannia as a new substitute, and undergoes a horrifying evolution. But they were convinced of their victory.

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The Struggle
Escanor, who fights by converting all his vitality into magical power, approaches the Demon King. However, Meliodas stands in front of the deadly Escanor.

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The King Sings Alone
Diane`s technique "Mother Creation" finally succeeded in extinguishing the "Magic Lake" that was the source of the magical power of the Demon King. At the same time, it turns noon.

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The Voice Calling Your Name
Zeldris becomes even more powerful as the demon king. Then Escanor appeared to the "Seven Deadly Sins" in a difficult situation.

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The Final Battle
The demon king, who revived using Zeldris as a substitute, and the demon beast Indura summoned by the demon king.

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Fated Brothers
The curse on Elizabeth and Meliodas is still here. Which means the demon lord is still here.

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Farewell, Seven Deadly Sins
The world was trying to eliminate Meliodas, who became the new Demon King and became too powerful. Meliodas didn't tell anyone about the looming deadline.

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The End of a Long Journey
Peace returns to the Kingdom of Liones. Although Elizabeth is still under a curse, Meliodas assures her there is a way to break it.

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We'll All Be Your Strength
Escaping purgatory, Ban faces the Demon King, who now possesses Meliodas' body. Elizabeth and the others make their way into the spirit world.

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The One Who Stands Against a God
Merlin`s spell thwarts Meliodas` transformation. The Holy War seems to be over, but Elizabeth senses something is still terribly wrong.

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The Salvation of the Sun
As Meliodas absorbs every last one of the Ten Commandments, Merlin attempts a forbidden spell to stop the birth of the new Demon King.

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That Which Gathers
Chandler and Cusack merge to form the all-powerful Original Demon. Merlin gives up any hope of victory, but Mael and King soon come to her aid.

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The Doorway to Hope
Meliodas, Ban, and Wild finally confront the Demon King in purgatory. To escape from purgatory they must get past the Demon King who guards the gate.

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Hope, Conflict, and Despair
Mael has become a strange figure by fusing with four commandments. King was temporarily cornered in front of Mael`s mighty power, but he awakens as "Fairy King Harlequin" and wields his true power.

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Confront Despair!!
Mael defeated Derieri and took her commandment, giving Mael access to four commandments, but he isn`t done yet and seeks to take all ten. Gowther challenges Mael in order to protect his companions.

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The Tragic Strike
Gowther reveals that his creator, the real Gowther, cast a forbidden spell on Mael and all those who knew him to end the Holy War 3,000 years ago.

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The Victims of the Holy War
Meliodas grapples with suddenly losing his memories of Estarossa. Zeldris, Chandler and Cusack threaten to overpower Marlin and the others.

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A Single-Minded Love
With Wild now an ally, Meliodas brings Zeldris` tragic past to light as the newly formed trio make their way towards the Demon King.

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A Meeting with the Unknown
Reunited once again, Ban and Meliodas prepare to face the Demon King, who they suspect holds the key to their escape from purgatory.

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From Purgatory
Ban searches in Purgatory for his best friend and captain emotions meanwhile in Camelot the assault force tries to stop Meliodas from becoming the new Demon King and the rescue team finds Elizabeth's life is at stake.

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The Seven Deadly Sins, known in Japan as “Nanatsu no Taizai,” is a popular anime series from MBS that aired between 2014 and 2021. The series is based on the manga of the same name written and illustrated by Nakaba Suzuki.

Set in a world reminiscent of the European Middle Ages, The Seven Deadly Sins tells the story of the land known as the Kingdom of Liones, which is protected by the Holy Knights, powerful warriors who use magic to defend their homeland from external threats. The story begins when these Holy Knights stage a coup d’etat, seizing the kingdom's monarch and establishing a tyrannical rule. The princess, Elizabeth Liones, on a quest for redemption and restoration, embarks on a journey to find the legendary group known as The Seven Deadly Sins – the kingdom’s only hope for salvation.

The Seven Deadly Sins comprise of seven brutal criminals who were branded as traitors to the kingdom for supposedly plotting against the regime. But their leader, Meliodas, and the Sin of Wrath, carries a different story - carrying an underlying mystique about his true power, past, and his unwavering will to protect those in need. Their notoriety is paradoxical as their genuine dynamics showcase honor, camaraderie, and heroism in the face of trials and chaos.

Each member of The Seven Deadly Sins is identified by a tattoo of a beast symbolizing one of the seven deadly sins: wrath, greed, sloth, pride, lust, envy, and gluttony. They are not just symbols but also reflect the character's personality and history, giving depth to their unique profiles. As the story progresses, we come to know them not just as warriors, but individuals with layered personalities, harboring their own fears, desires, tragedies and hopes.

Beyond the initial premise, the show delves into themes of redemption, friendship, sacrifice, and the complexity of good and evil. It subtly explores the duality of human nature, where the supposed “sins” can also embody virtues, while the perceived “saints” might operate under dubious intentions. It imparts the idea that people are not merely defined by their past, but by their present actions and intentions in light of redemption.

The Seven Deadly Sins offers a unique perspective in its storytelling, with strong character development and an engaging narrative. It captures the audience with its blend of action, fantasy, comedy, romance, and mystery, paralleled with stunning animation. The spectacle of battles, enthralling with magic, bravery, strategy, and raw strength, are masterfully detailed - an indulgence for lovers of combat animation. Additionally, an undertone of humor provides levity amid its intense, serious plot lines, while moments of romance and drama further enrich the narrative.

Moreover, fans who appreciate mythology might find a fascinating layer of the series in its borrowing of elements from various religious and cultural literatures, such as Celtic, Christian, and Arthurian legends. Such references bring an additional depth and richness to the backdrop of the story.

Whether it's the intriguing past of each Sin, the politics of the Holy Knights, or the mysterious creatures and magical elements in the show, The Seven Deadly Sins introduces several subplots and twists that propel the story forward while keeping the core narrative intact. It’s a show that effortlessly balances multiple plot lines and characters, navigating through the spectrum of emotions, keeping the audience consistently engaged and invested.

The memorable characters and their relationships form the heart of the series, with each individual having a distinct personality, skill set, and backstory. This careful character development draws viewers deeper into the series, as they cheer for their favorite characters, gasp at plot twists, and eagerly wait for the unravelling of each Sin’s past.

Featuring a wonderful array of character arcs, dynamic animation, engrossing storytelling, touching moments, and thrilling battles, The Seven Deadly Sins has been acclaimed by anime enthusiasts globally. Throughout its seven-year run, it succeeded in delivering both entertaining and thought-provoking content, making it not just a show, but an experience worth embarking on.

Whether you're a fan of fantasy, action, adventure or simply well-scripted anime, The Seven Deadly Sins proves to be a captivating series that lures its audience into a world of knights, magic, and legendary tales. It's a journey through an enchanting realm, guided by seven unique heroes, each navigating their path of penance, redemption, and honor.

The Seven Deadly Sins is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 5 seasons with a total of 100 episodes, the show debuted on 2014. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.8.

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How can I watch The Seven Deadly Sins online? The Seven Deadly Sins is available on MBS with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch The Seven Deadly Sins on demand at Netflix online.

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