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Mientras se desarrolla la noche de la Purga, Esme, Ryan, Marcus y Ben luchan por sus vidas.

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La gente lo arriegsa todo para vengarse y hacer lo correcto en la noche de la Purga. Si es que logran sobrevivir.

Watch The Purge en Espanol Season 2 Episode 9 Now

Antes de las sirenas
Se acerca la noche de la Purga. Ryan y Esme comienzan la ejecucion de su plan. Marcus se prepara para el enfrentamiento. Ben se descontrola.

Watch The Purge en Espanol Season 2 Episode 8 Now

Deberia quedarme o deberia irme
La familia de Marcus toma una decision dificil. Esme y Ryan lo arriesgan todo. Ben destruye a alguien que ama.

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Felices fiestas
Marcus se hunde en la oscuridad. Esme huye. Ben regresa a casa. Ryan recibe una visita inesperada.

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Casa de espejos
En el mundo de la Purga, Ryan, Marcus, Esme y Ben aprenden que hay ciertas cosas que no puedes deshacer.

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Caja de dolor
Marcus se enfrenta a su pasado. Esme se entera de la verdad. Ryan cambia su plan. Ben busca comprension.

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Puntos ciegos
Los efectos residuales de la noche de la Purga infectan las vidas de Ryan, Marcus y Esme.

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Todo esta bien
La ciudad limpia la Purga de la noche anterior, pero Ryan, Marcus, Esme y Ben no pueden olvidar sus consecuencias.

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Esto no es una prueba
Cuatro personajes interconectados navegan las secuelas de la Purga a lo largo del ano siguiente.

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The Purge en Español is a visceral thriller series aired on USA Network in 2018. Based on James DeMonaco's explosive film franchise, the drama capitalizes on our primal fears and illuminates the dark side of human nature in a suspenseful plot that keeps audiences on the edge of their seats. The show is a rollercoaster ride of emotions that seamlessly blend horror, drama, and suspense. The series is available in English and Spanish, which is particularly advantageous for the ever-growing Spanish-speaking audience. The overarching storyline of the series revolves around an unsettling hypothesis–a speculative near future where the government has legislated a 12-hour window known as The Purge, occurring annually, wherein all criminal activities, including murder, are permissible. This 12-hour annual tradition is a sanctioned event that is intended as an outlet for hatred, aggression, and vengeance. This concept, while chilling, provides an unparalleled platform for exploring the depth and darkness of the human psyche and the limits of societal constraint. As one can imagine, during The Purge, society is divided into two categories: those who participate in the violence and chaos, and those who barricade themselves, hoping to survive the night unscathed. The series focuses on how different individuals and groups navigate this grim event, and how they must re-evaluate their belief systems, morality, and survival instincts when faced with such an extreme predicament. The Purge en Español presents an ensemble cast, each from diverse walks of life. The simplicity of their statuses belies the complexity of the characters portrayed; each part anchored by powerful performances that render them both believable and empathetic. Their stories are told through separate, at times overlapping, narrative arcs that build on one another to craft a narrative rich in tension and intrigue. A significant aspect of the series's appeal is how it seamlessly weaves social commentary into the narrative. Despite its dystopian setting, The Purge, in many ways, reflects the realities of contemporary society. The show astutely highlights how socio-economic class disparities, racial prejudices, and corruption can be amplified and exploited in times of chaos and anarchy. It scrutinizes the dynamics between the privileged elites who weaponize the Purge for their benefit and the vulnerable lower classes who bear the brunt of this annual carnage. The production values of the series are top-notch, creating a world that is both recognizably familiar yet eerily divergent from our own. The visuals are sharp and unnerving, maintaining a grim, anxious atmosphere that underscores the harrowing events. The tension-filled sound design and an ominous score further enhance the show's chilling aura. The Purge en Español is more than just a frighteningly thrilling dystopian series. At its core, it serves as a provocative exploration of humanity's potential for darkness and the moral ambiguities that come to the fore under desperate circumstances. While the disturbing premise of the series may not be everyone's taste, fans of psychological thrillers, suspenseful dramas, and horror will find this deeply engrossing and thought-provoking.

The Purge en Espanol is a series categorized as a . Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 20 episodes, the show debuted on 2018. The series has earned a no reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at undefined.

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