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Episode 3
Under pressure to charge her prime suspect, Maggie's still not convinced they've found the killer. Meanwhile, Theresa's return pushes Claire and Daniel's marriage to breaking point.

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Part 2
Attorney Steven Vey has a brilliant career, a beautiful wife, and money to burn. But one night, a celebration with his pretty secretary goes too far.

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Part 1
Attorney Steven Vey has a brilliant career, a beautiful wife, and money to burn. But one night, a celebration with his pretty secretary goes too far.

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The Guilty is a compelling British television drama miniseries that was first broadcasted on ITV in 2013. This highly intense and emotional three-part series is an outstanding combination of crime, mystery, and human drama, offering viewers a deep narrative that keeps them on the edge of their seats from start to end.

The storyline revolves around the aftermath of a horrific incident - the disappearance of a young boy, Callum Reid, in 2008. Flashing forward to five years later, Callum's body is discovered, buried mere yards away from his own home. The horrifying discovery reignites the investigation into his death, reopening old wounds and beginning a race against time to finally uncover the truth.

Stepping into the spotlight to lead the difficult investigation is Detective Chief Inspector Maggie Brand, portrayed by the critically-acclaimed actress Tamsin Greig. DCI Brand is tasked with piecing together the case in light of this recent discovery. However, her investigation and involvement in this case is not purely professional. It is revealed that she was originally assigned to Callum's case in 2008, but had to step down due to her then difficult pregnancy. Carrying the remorse of not being able to solve the case back then, shes is determined to bring justice for Callum now.

Skillfully juggling between the past and present, each episode of The Guilty offers a layer of complexity that builds up the intrigue and suspense. As the episodes unfold, viewers witness an in-depth exploration of the intricate relationships and secrets harboured within the seemingly 'normal' Reid family -- Callum’s mother Claire Reid, played by Katherine Kelly, and father Daniel Reid, portrayed by Darren Boyd. The narrative challenges the audience's perception of guilt and innocence, posing a myriad of questions at each step of the investigation.

The Guilty is not just a standard murder-mystery show. Besides the main crime storyline, the series also delves into the personal lives of the characters, particularly focusing on DCI Brand. The show gives a glimpse of her struggle to juggle the professional demand of untangling the web around Callum’s murder and her personal life, where she’s a mother to a child who happened to be the same age as Callum during his disappearance.

The series thrives on its well-crafted plot, packed with surprising twists and turns. Yet, the intelligent storytelling does more than just shock the audience; it provides an emotional connection that propels the viewer to resonate with the characters' feelings and experiences. The vivid portrayal of parental grief, human relationships, the impact of tragedy, and the relentless pursuit of truth in face of adversity gives The Guilty a depth that sets it apart from other shows in the genre.

The cinematography and the musical score of the series dauntingly complement the storyline, enhancing the eerie atmosphere that permeates the narrative. Taking place mostly in the autumn vibes of Surrey, England, the cold, rustic settings and bleaker landscapes intuitively mirror the grim nature of the plot, urging the viewers to deeper emotional involvement.

Moreover, the acting prowess of the cast further elevates the series. Tamsin Greig's immersive portrayal of DCI Maggie Brand – a determined and torn officer – captures the essence of the series, delivering a multi-layered and sensitive performance. Similarly, the performances of Katherine Kelly and Darren Boyd, accompanied by a robust supporting cast, add an intense and intricate dynamic to the narrative.

In conclusion, The Guilty is a chilling yet enthralling mystery that takes the audience on an emotional rollercoaster ride. The show not only uses the element of suspense to captivate the audience, but it also effectively digs deep into the characters and their relationships, painting a full-fledged and realistic portrait of a tragedy and its ripple effects. For those who are fond of absorbing and intelligently delivered crime dramas, it is a must-watch series.

The Guilty is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 3 episodes, the show debuted on 1992. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.7.

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