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The Glee Project was a reality television series that aired on the Oxygen network from 2011 to 2012. It was based on the premise of finding new talent for the third season and beyond of the popular musical television show, Glee. The competition was essentially a talent hunt that showcased young, aspiring performers who had the potential to both sing and act. The series attracted talented individuals from across the United States, each competing for a chance to win a guest role on Glee. The Glee Project was highly unique in its format. The show comprised two seasons, with a total of 21 episodes. Each season was divided into individual episodes that were built around a theme relevant to Glee, such as individuality, tenacity, adaptability, vulnerability, sexuality, theatricality, or romantic relationships, to name a few. The contestants were put through various challenges designed to not only test their performance skills but also to see how well they embodied the theme of the week. Each episode began with a homework assignment, in which the contestants would have to perform a song chosen by the mentors and demonstrate their understanding and interpretation of the weekly theme. The winner of the homework assignment would be given a one-on-one session with a guest star connected with Glee. This was a golden opportunity for the contestants to learn from seasoned performers who had real-world experience of delivering energetic, emotion-filled performances on Glee. The real challenge, however, came in form of a music video that served as the main task. The contestants had to perform a group rendition of a popular song, often linked to the week’s theme. The video incorporated vocals, choreography and acting, testing the multi-facetted skills required for a show like Glee. This served as a true test of enduring the rigours of a fast-paced television production. The Glee Project was more about a show choir competition than just individual performances. As much as each participant wanted to outperform the others, the overall team's performance was crucial to a participant's progress in the competition. The need for cohesion, teamwork and unity in delivering spell-binding performances taught the contestants a thing or two about the spirit of Glee itself. One of the notable aspects of the show was the involvement of Glee's casting director Robert Ulrich, vocal coach Nikki Anders, and choreographer Zach Woodlee as mentors and judges, bridging the gap between the reality show and the actual series. Their expert insight shaped the judgment process, ensuring that the potential winners could do justice to their future roles on Glee. Ryan Murphy, creator of Glee, also played a critical role, particularly in the last segment of each episode. After receiving feedback, the bottom three performers would perform a last chance performance for him. Based on their performances, Murphy would decide who gets to stay in the competition and who was to depart, making his role pivotal to the contestant’s journey. Drawing a wide audience from various age groups, The Glee Project was known for its diverse cast. Contests hailed from different backgrounds and life experiences, embodying the spirit of Glee which was about celebrating diversity and inclusivity. This diversity concerning the ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, and physical abilities of the contestants was a refreshing departure from typical reality TV formats, providing a platform not just for undiscovered talent, but also for unconventional and underrepresented voices. In essence, The Glee Project was a metonym for Glee. It epitomized the essence of the original series by bringing together young performers who were passionate about music and theatre and providing them with a chance to shine on a global platform. By focusing on both individual and group performances, the show encapsulates the soul of Glee - unity in diversity, the celebration of talent, and the joy of performing.

The Glee Project is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 22 episodes, the show debuted on 2011. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.7.

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