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Family Affair
The girls suit up to make a scene at the Stone Water-sponsored Young Voices Awards, where McKeyla and Kyle finally talk face to face.

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Water from a Bobby Stone
While the girls dig for more information on Bobby Stone, Adrienne and Ember make a surprising discovery about Stone Water -- and where it comes from.

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Zorro Dark Thirty
A familiar face from McKeyla's past steps up to help as her family connections to the case grow clearer. And "Bry-ence"?

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Smoke Gets in Your Eyes
A new theory emerges as the girls turn their attention to the school dance -- and having dinner at Bobby Stone's cutting-edge "smart" home.

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Stone Acres Is the Place to Be
The girls act fast and use their skills to name a suspect when someone threatens to sabotage a state-of-the-art urban development.

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Project MC2 is a captivating and inspiring television series on Netflix that first aired in 2015 and continued through 2017. Targeted at the tween and teen demographic, this exciting spy adventure series stands out for its unique approach of defying typical gender archetypes and championing youth engagement in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM). The show revolves around the ventures of four high school girls - McKeyla McAlister, Adrienne Attoms, Bryden Bandweth, and Camryn Coyle. All four characters bring their individual, unique skillsets to the table, thereby forming an incredible and diverse quartet of exceptionally gifted secret agents. McKeyla is an undercover spy who excels in analysis, Camryn is a mechanical engineering maestro, Bryden is the tech-savvy, digital diva, and Adrienne is a culinary science prodigy who utilizes her culinary chemistry skills in innovative ways. Project MC2 is unique as it treats intelligence and education as something exciting and cool. The female protagonists use their knowledge, smarts, and creativity in STEM to solve their missions, balancing their roles as secret agents with the everyday challenges of high school life. It portrays how these scientific concepts apply to real-life situations, making the usage of this knowledge more relatable to the young, impressionable minds watching the series. Their main objective throughout the series' six parts and 26 episodes is to save the world - foiling criminal plots using their scientific acumen and working for an all-female organization, named NOV8 (read “innovate”). This organization is comprised of the smartest women in the world, further reinforcing the show’s message of female empowerment and representation in the STEM fields. These skilled agents use their logical reasoning, quick thinking, and scientific prowess to navigate their way through their missions, with the leader of NOV8, 'The Quail' - played by Danica McKellar, guiding them in their tasks. One significant aspect of Project MC2 is its focus on friendship and teamwork. It wonderfully depicts the strong bond that forms between these four very different girls as they band together for a common cause. The differences among the four main characters make them a well-rounded representation of different facets of teenage girls, ensuring that almost anyone watching the show can find a character with whom they can identify. Additional themes include loyalty, resilience, and perseverance, all of which develop organically in the series as the girls face various adversities and challenges. From battling high school dramas to solving high stake global crises, the quartet consistently demonstrates resilience and the importance of having each other's backs. Furthermore, Project MC2 brings a real-life element to the show by pairing with a line of popular STEM-related toys like experiment kits and DIY projects. These physical components offer an interactive experience, giving an opportunity for young viewers to play along while watching. This is a fascinating strategy that supplements the STEM aspect of the show, bridging the on-screen and off-screen experience in an immersive and educational manner. The storylines throughout the series are easy to grasp, charmed with light humor, and exciting enough to keep the audience waiting to see what’s next. Depending on the protagonists' tastes and expertise, each episode takes you through a different STEM principle, which adds to the educational value of the show. The production value of Project MC2 is praiseworthy with enticing scripts, brilliant performances by the young cast, well-done cinematography, and an apt soundtrack that enhances the overall experience of the show. Furthermore, it breaks boundaries of cultural diversity by including characters from different cultural backgrounds, fostering inclusivity and acceptance. Project MC2, with its engaging script that subtly weaves STEM lessons into the storyline, widens the scope for girls and boys to see themselves as future scientists, engineers, or mathematicians. By making the STEM fields much more accessible, Project MC2 sends a positive message that knowledge and intelligence are formidable tools for overcoming life's challenges. The series succeeds not only as entertaining television but also as a powerful advocate for STEM education among young people. This intelligent, funny, and inspiring TV series serves not only as a story of friendship and adventure but also as an educational platform that encourages curiosity and exploration.

Project MC2 is a series categorized as a . Spanning 6 seasons with a total of 26 episodes, the show debuted on 2015. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.2.

Danica McKellar, Mika Abdalla, Victoria Vida, Genneya Walton, Ysa Penarejo
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