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A Sunset, Seattle Scramble
The final three teams travel to Seattle, where they must complete three challenges in a scramble leg, a first in AMAZING RACE history. The challenges are inspired by Seattle's art scene and include swinging from a high trapeze, glassblowing and being a roadie for a grunge band.

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We're Finding Our Pot of Gold
Teams travel to Dublin, Ireland, where they must complete four challenges in the penultimate leg including swimming in the Irish Sea, dancing with the legendary Riverdance troupe, scoring a point with the hurling team and reciting quotes from a famed Irish novelist.

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Everyone Loves a Comeback Story
Teams travel 1,000 miles from Slovenia to Sweden where they must face their fears and skydive from 10,000 feet over the Baltic sea, recreate a midsummer tradition and sort through recyclable items.

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In the Belly of the Earth
Teams continue racing in Slovenia, carefully traveling on foot carrying wooden pieces on their back, descending deep into a cave and assembling a giant dragon and scraping off mussels and barnacles in the waters.

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A Planes, Trains and Automobiles Day
For the first time in THE AMAZING RACE history, teams visit the country of Slovenia. Racers will soar to new heights in glider planes, experience roadblock surprises and battle to remain in the race.

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Like Two Cats Fighting in a Car
Having experienced the U-turn in India, relationships are tested as teams take on their first self-drive leg in Germany. Also, teams rappel down a castle wall and use their taste buds to identify different mustards.

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Driving Head On Into Scooters
For the first time in THE AMAZING RACE history, the votes for the mandatory U-turn are in and one team must complete both detours in India, bundling up flowers and transporting building materials on rickshaws in the bustling streets of Jaipur.

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Yessir, the Pink City
Teams travel more than 2,000 miles from Vietnam to India where they must balance traditional pots on their heads while performing a folk dance and assemble a life-size, three-dimensional mural.

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The Day Keeps Rockin' Here In Vietnam
Teams continue racing in Vietnam and face the hustle and bustle of a congested Vietnamese market, where they must properly set up a fish stand and deliver mattresses to a local hotel.

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No Sleep and a Million Dollar Dream
The teams feel the strain of commercial travel and float their way through the Mekong Delta as they are challenged between making rice paper or customizing a scooter by wrapping it in vinyl in Vietnam.

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You Don't See That at Home
Teams dive deeper into the countryside of Thailand for the second leg of the race, encountering catfish-infested waters and pomelo-filled rivers.

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The Amazing Race Is Back!
The Emmy Award-winning and recently nominated THE AMAZING RACE begins its milestone 35th season at the iconic Hollywood Sign, celebrating the famous landmark's100th anniversary. Also, for the first time, a former team surprises racers as judges at the first Roadblock, where one team member must traverse a perilous tightrope stretched from one rooftop to another at the historic Biltmore Hotel in downtown Los Angeles, before heading to their first location, Thailand, on the 90-minute season premiere of the CBS Original series THE AMAZING RACE.

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The Amazing Race, a global quest brought to you by CBS in 2001, is an adventure-filled unscripted television series that takes the reality game show format to the next level and the entire world. Produced with the goal of providing a visually and sensorily immersive experience to its audience, the show has successfully maintained a loyal viewership over the years. The premise of The Amazing Race is innovative, easy to comprehend, but truly gripping. The show features around 11 to 12 teams, two individuals each, who embark on a physically demanding, emotionally challenging, and intelligence-testing race around the globe. These team partnerships range from family members, coworkers, couples, friends, to even just mere acquaintances. Their diverse relationships add a fascinating layer to the dynamics in the competition. The race itself is segmented into distinct legs, each focusing on a different geographical location. Every leg is a complex mix of tasks designed to test the physical prowess, navigation skills, logical ability, and competitive spirit of the teams, all while introducing them to the cultural nuances of the particular location. These trials include exhilarating physical challenges, perplexing clues to decipher, and unconventional transportation modes to navigate. What further amplifies the tension is the cyclic elimination process, which is a staple of reality game shows. The team that arrives last at an episode's 'Pit Stop' is usually at risk of being eliminated. The Amazing Race consistently accentuates the intrigue by incorporating various game elements such as the U-turn, Fast Forward, and Speed Bump, each serving a strategic purpose to shake up the race and keep even the most causal viewers on the edge of their seats. As a reward for their efforts, the team that manages to triumph over the intricate global course is granted a hefty cash prize, usually amounting to an impressive one million dollars. But the competition is not just about the destined destinations, adrenaline-pumping sprints, and hastily unraveled riddles. The Amazing Race grounds itself in the interpersonal dynamics of the teammates and their interactions with others. The physically exhausting race conditions and the mounting pressure of beating the clock invariably bring out raw emotions, often triggering conflicts but occasionally sparking compelling alliances. The emotional footage of these high-stakes situations often resonates deeply with the audience, placing The Amazing Race distinctly among other reality competitions. Additionally, The Amazing Race is less about winning the grand prize and more about an opportunity to embark on a life-changing journey. It accurately underlines the essence of travel - exploration, cultural immersion, and self-discovery. The show maintains a true-to-life portrayal of world travel, showcasing the cultural richness of every location, the joy of meeting new people, the thrill of boarding flights with seconds to spare, the struggle of understanding foreign languages, and the serenity that accompanies the discovery of hidden spaces across the world. It is a microcosm of the world tour you might have dreamt about, presented to you from the comforts of your living room. Technically, The Amazing Race carries one of the highest production values among reality TV series. It offers a cinematic voyage around the world through its stunning visuals. The slick editing, the timely use of local music, and engaging voice-over by the show’s host Phil Keoghan further uplift the viewing experience. Keoghan himself, with his warmth and occasional sardony, is a consistent guide whose expertise adds much value. The Amazing Race from 2001 sets a new bar for reality competition shows, both with its scale and its unique concept. While at its heart it is a contest with a grand reward, it is also an exploration of global culture, human psychology, teamwork, strategy, and ultimately, the human spirit's resilience. It is a journey that beautifully encapsulates the joy of travel, thrill of competition, and the unpredictability of life in its tight, lofty, and all-encompassing narrative. It is not just a race but an experience that takes you around the world and back in every episode.

The Amazing Race is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 35 seasons with a total of 428 episodes, the show debuted on 2001. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.8.

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