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Episode #115
With a tsunami approaching the coast, the residents of Wilmington find themselves under a mandatory evacuation. Among the mass exodus of people leaving for safety, Miles and his family scramble to make it off the island.

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Episode #114
Rich and Laura go to see Lee for answers, and Lee winds up learning more than he would have ever expected. Concerned about the escalating violence she sees in Rich, Laura decides to pack it in and return home to see her son.

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Episode #113
After it's revealed to Laura that a cadre of top scientists created this new species, she wakes up in a field after being drugged and Rich comes to her rescue. Fearing the end of the world, Laura and Rich are determined to find the mysterious corporation that funded this experiment gone awry, but nothing could prepare them for what they discover in an abandoned laboratory along the way.

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Episode #112
Laura and Rich become fugitives and are being pursued by Lee and his legion of secret agents. While hiding out, Laura has a bizarre Internet exchange with a mysterious person who claims to have information about the origin of the creatures.

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Episode #111
Rich and Laura sneak out of the hospital with the creature footage before Lee and his men can get to them. Upon their successful escape Rich and Laura take the exclusive footage to tape to a copying service company in an effort to upload it onto the internet and convince a news station to run a piece about the footage.

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Episode #110
When Laura and Rich return to the surface from the ocean floor, they realize the boat that took them to this location is nowhere to be found. Meanwhile, Miles is taken to the hospital after suspiciously passing out in class.

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Episode #109
It's a race against time as Laura and Rich race against time in a submersible they realize the "unidentified species" are laying thousands of eggs on the ocean floor. Meanwhile, Miles hears a report of a vicious attack on a electrician working on a marine dock, and suspects that Nimrod may be the culprit.

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Episode #108
Laura, Rich and Jackson race to finish the submersible they are building, and despite several setbacks during a test run, take it out to the spawning site. As Rich and Daughtery begin their descent, they spot the creatures spawning, and prepare to gather their data.

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Episode #107
Dr. Lee gives a small account of Cirko's death to his superiors, concluding that it was a necessity in the long run, before revealing a new and budding clue in this investigation.

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Episode #106
While researching a sea orchid, Aleksander Cirko has an unexpected breakthrough and discoveries the mystery sea species' origins. However, he only has time to tell Lee before he is mysteriously hit by a car.

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Episode #105
Laura and Richard continue to track the sea creature tagged by Laura via the GPS device. All is going well until, oddly, a massive blackout darkens the city, destroyed much of the data Laura and Richard had amassed.

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Episode #104
Laura manages to fire a tracking device into one of the mystery creatures, allowing the researchers to track it on a radar. Rich, who has taken a break to deal with his brother's death and the voice he keeps hearing, finds that letting go is harder than he thought.

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Episode #103
A new, troubling problem arises - it seems likely that the new sea creature is, in some way, causing the rapid global warming occurring over the world. Laura and Rich have problems of their own - Laura is falsely accused of plagiarism at her job and fired, and Rich, somehow, begins to hear his late brother's voice...

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Episode #102
The oceanologists, Rich and Laura, see the dead body of a new, groundbreaking sea creature washed up on the beach. A team of researchers meet up with the creature and the same time as them, and Rich and Laura, along with the dead creature, are brought to a lab.

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Episode #101
Incredible sightings and events, all revolving around the sea, begin to pour in from all over the world. It would appear that there is a strange , powerful new type of sea creature appearing all over the globe.

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"Surface" is an American science fiction television series that first debuted on NBC from 2005 to 2006. This suspenseful series was created by the talented team of Jonas and Josh Pate, widely known for their work in the television industry. The show features the appealing Lake Bell in the lead role, who delivered an intense and enthralling performance across the 15 episodes that aired before NBC put an end to the series.

At its core, "Surface" is a mystery-thriller set in the not-too-distant future where the mysteries of the deep sea start to unravel, and humanity faces an unprecedented threat from the water depths. Lake Bell plays Laura Daughtery, an inquisitive and determined single mother, and a dedicated oceanographer in the series. The narrative turns around when Laura uncovers an enigmatic underwater creature during one of her deep-sea dives with her research team. This revelation sets her off on a whirlpool of investigations, conspiracies, and adrenaline-fueled adventures with the sea at their center.

Brimming with intrigue and action, the series takes you on a journey through Laura's life, her relationships, and her relentless mission to unveil the truth. The plot thickens as Laura begins to realize that some global corporations and the government might have known and kept quiet about these underwater denizens' presence. The entire storyline is an enthralling blend of mystery, tension, and drama, combined with glimpses into marine biology and conservation.

The series maintains its suspense and tension through all 15 episodes while delving into the murky world of government cover-ups and corporate monopolies. The narrative adeptly combines multiple sub-plots, reflecting ordinary people's experiences impacted by the eerie aquatic mystery, adding depth to the storyline. These subplots create a multi-dimensional narrative that is both emotionally engaging and intellectually stimulating.

The show also features compelling performances by its supporting cast, including Jay R. Ferguson as Rich Connelly, who becomes a key ally in Laura's pursuit of truth, and Rade Serbedzija as Dr. Aleksander Cirko, a government scientist who realizes that the observed anomalies are part of something far bigger than anyone could anticipate. Together, the characters embark on a high-stakes quest for the truth, navigating through a maze of suspicion, danger, and shocking revelations.

Lake Bell's performance is one of the highlights of "Surface". Bell's innate ability to deliver layered performances comes through in her portrayal of Laura Daughtery. Her character's journey from an everyday scientist to an intrepid truth-seeker involved in a much larger and grander plot is nuanced and compelling.

The series uses realistic special effects to bring alive the underwater world and the creatures that inhabit it. This provides an immersive viewing experience, enhancing the narrative's mystery and suspense. The direction and production quality maintains high standards, delivering a visually appealing series that resonates with the science fiction and mystery-thriller genres.

However, "Surface" offers more than just a plot full of twists and turns and thrilling moments; it also subtly explores themes related to marine conservation, environmental responsibility, and the ethical implications of scientific advancements. Laura's character embodies a passionate advocate for marine life, showcasing the importance and relevance of conserving our oceans.

Overall, "Surface" is an engaging mystery thriller augmented by stunning visual effects, a gripping narrative, and an excellent performance from Lake Bell. The plot's thrilling twists and turns make for a captivating viewing experience, while the subtext on conservation and the significance of our oceans adds depth and real-world relevance to the series.

In conclusion, "Surface", though short-lived, offered a distinctive blend of suspense, science fiction, and environmental commentary, propelled by believable performances. It’s ideal for those who have a leaning towards mystery-thrillers or an interest in marine life and the various intriguing possibilities it holds. Despite its abrupt ending, "Surface" managed to leave an indelible mark on its viewers and the genre of science fiction thriller television series.

Surface is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 15 episodes, the show debuted on 2005. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.2.

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