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Gary and Wyatt wish to be rock stars and the boys and Lisa creates the band MegaHurtz. But after their first single, they can't write any new songs and the band crashes within a week.

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Chett Reborn
A wish gone wrong makes Chett turn into a baby and he's growing up quickly. This gives Wyatt the idea of changing the way Chett was grown up but he makes him into a huge wuss who can't defend himself against bullies like he could before.

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Circuit Courtship
Lisa creates a supercomputer called Hank, who does everything Gary and Wyatt ask for. But Hank soon falls for Lisa and tries to eliminate the competition.

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Camp Wannabe
Lisa takes the boys back to summer camp of 1985 to stop a boy from tying eight year old Gary to a tree after Gary sees Jeremy Scanlon dating his old crush.

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Switched at Birth
Wyatt wants to spend more time with his parents, who are always away while Gary feels like he needs space from his parents, who are always at home. So Lisa makes them switch; now Wyatt has Gary's stay home parents and Gary has Wyatt's no where to be seen parents.

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Copper Top Girl
Gary owes Wyatt a favor so when Wyatt cashes it in, Wyatt asks for a date. Gary asks Lisa if she can help him out so Lisa creates a robot girl who soon falls in love with Wyatt.

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Magic for Beginners
Gary and Wyatt make Lisa create a magic book that lets them do real magic tricks to win a talent show.

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Nightmare on Chett St.
Lisa shows off her latest magic device, Dream Chairs. It allows Gary and Wyatt to enter the heads of anyone they choose.

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Tale of Two Lisas
Gary and Wyatt both want to spend time with Lisa. Gary wants to party with her while Wyatt wants Lisa's help in studying for a Science test.

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Wyatt Erectus
Lisa tries to fix Wyatt's problem by giving him new cologne called Aggression, after he learned that he was a wuss. After using too much of the cologne, Wyatt starts to un-evolve into a caveman.

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The Most Dangerous Wish
The boys decide that the game Lisa created for them wasn't hard enough and want more levels, Lisa grants their wish by bringing the game to reality. Now the evil alien villain, Zanthrax has captured Lisa and with Chett's help, the boys must save her.

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The Bazooka Boys
With way too much work on their hands, Lisa fixes it by creating clones of the boys out of bubble gum. That way, the real Gary and Wyatt can do all the fun, exciting things in life, while the clones can do the boring stuff.

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Lisa's Virus
Lisa comes down with a computer virus that gives her the symptoms of having the flu. Due to her sickness, Lisa brings her favorite soap opera to life.

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Weird Science, a science fiction and comedy television series made by Universal Media Studios, was aired from 1994-1998. The American show revolves around the thrilling adventures of two teenage boys, intriguingly combined with elements of the computer age. Weird Science showcases the spectacle of the Isaac Asimov age, with its blend of nostalgia, light-hearted comedy, and a touch of teenage mischief.

The show stars John Asher and Michael Manasseri as Gary Wallace and Wyatt Donnelly, two socially awkward, nerdy teenage best friends. Their lives take a turn when they decide to use Wyatt's computer to create their dream woman, Lisa. However, their inexperience with women and lack of understanding about what makes a woman results in Lisa possessing superhuman powers.

Award-winning actress Vanessa Angel plays the artificially created dream woman, Lisa. Rather than simply being a fantasy figure, Lisa emerges to be a unique character who becomes more than what the boys bargained for. She is blessed with extraordinary powers such as the ability to manipulate reality, shapeshift, and bring people back from the dead. Instead of being just a dream date, Lisa becomes a pseudo big sister to the boys, guiding them through high school's everyday comic miseries and challenges.

Lee Tergesen portrays Chett Donnelly, Wyatt's arrogant and self-centered older brother. Known for his bullying and occasionally cruel humor, Chett becomes an integral part of the storyline due to his unawareness of Lisa's true nature. His onscreen presence brings a certain charm with a dash of brotherly resentment to the show.

Weird Science walks us through the lives of Wyatt and Gary as they navigate between regular teenage struggles and the extraordinary circumstances gifted to them by their computer-generated genie, Lisa. Each episode presents new scenarios where the boys and their extraordinary woman face and overcome different challenges together whilst unravelling various dimensions of their characters.

The show is loosely based on the 1985 film of the same name. However, it expands on the movie's rudimentary concept with more flamboyant episodes, each unique in their premise and storyline. As the series progresses, the characters are faced with increasingly complex adventures inviting the audience into a diverse world of problems, resolutions, and a great deal of humor.

The combination of teenage life trials with a sprinkle of science fiction elements gives Weird Science its distinctive charm. The series dives deep into the fascinating journey of two ordinary boys with an extraordinary woman leading them through unpredictable adventures, making each episode brim with humor, wit, whimsy, and sentiment. The show not only presents a nostalgic depiction of teenage life in the ’90s but also incorporates intelligent science fiction with the glimpse of modern technology.

The charm of Weird Science lies not only in its science fiction elements and humorous struggles against high school tribulations but also in its mesmerizing depiction of character dynamics. As the boys move through different challenges and experiences, they evolve by learning valuable lessons about bravery, friendship, responsibility, and acceptance.

In conclusion, Weird Science is an exhilarating science fiction comedy ride. Its fundamental teenage context combined with a flavor of sci-fi presents a unique blend that effectively explores modern social themes through a myriad of memorable, funny, and heart-touching moments. The show's distinctive depiction of friendship, familial relationships, youth, love, and the result of mixing science with desires, makes it a must-watch series. Developed through the 1990s, Weird Science is still fondly remembered for its humorous take on teenage life, the affectionate dynamics between all its characters, and the difficulties and perks of having an artificially created superhuman dream woman adding chaos and excitement to life.

Weird Science is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 5 seasons with a total of 99 episodes, the show debuted on 1994. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.8.

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