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Housing Estate Horror
A black mamba hides under the kitchen sink, and a spitter gives Simon the runaround.

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Kindergarten Terror
Siouxsie comes face to face with an angry green mamba while stuck under a vehicle, and they are called to a kindergarten to catch a massive snake that’s terrorized everyone, resulting in children sent home. Simon also has a close call.

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The Dark Night
Simon has a close call with a deadly black mamba in the middle of the night and finds his first-ever snouted cobra, which has hitchhiked to Durban!

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Snakes And Sewage
Simon is more scared of heights than facing a deadly Black Mamba, but he must do both.

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There's a Snake in the Fridge!
It's mamba season, and these deadly snakes are simply everywhere! In this episode, they're playing hard to get in trees, boxes and even a refrigerator as Simon risks his life to save them.

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Divide and Conquer
Simon and Siouxsie catch and release mating boomslangs. Teamwork is everything, but sometimes they split up to help all the snakes.

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Snake City, a thrilling documentary series rolling since 2014 yet still continuing to fascinate audiences with its 2015 season, is a creation of Nat Geo Wild that takes you into the dangerous yet intriguing world of snakes. Each episode gives viewers an insightful look into the treacherous but fascinating realm of these reptiles, providing thrilling encounters that are sure to captivate the most daring and adventurous of audiences.

The show is based in Durban, a lively South African city known for its vast cultural diversity and plentiful snakes. Durban's often balmy climate serves as a perfect habitat for a wide array of serpents - some harmless, others exceedingly dangerous. The prevalence of these creatures in close proximity to humans now and then leads to some fear-provoking encounters, and this is where the show's principal characters step in.

Snake City follows the lives and adrenaline-pumping escapades of Simon Keys and his partner Siouxsie Gillett. As dedicated snake rescuers, they tackle the challenging task of locating, capturing, and relocating these often deadly creatures whose hiding spots can range from luxury apartments to backyard pools, and even bustling workplaces. The couple’s job, as daring as it is crucial, helps prevent serious clashes between humans and reptiles, saving numerous lives on both sides of the conflict.

Coupling Simon's exceptional snake handling skills with Siouxsie's vast knowledge as a herpetologist, Snake City delves into the engrossing science of snake behavior and physiology whilst maintaining a nerve-tingling tension that keeps viewers on edge. As Simon puts himself in danger to wrangle some of the world's most venomous snakes, Siouxsie educates viewers about these animals and why it's so important to protect them.

An integral part of the viewing experience of Snake City is the diversity and life-threatening venom of the creatures Simon and Siouxsie encounter. From menacing Green and Black Mambas to venomous Cobras and deadly Puff Adders, these encounters are full of danger with every capture becoming a battle of life and death, heavily intensifying the show's tension.

However, Snake City is not all about tense encounters and danger. An important aspect of the show is the concerted effort Simon and Siouxsie put into promoting conservation efforts and educating the viewers about the critical role that snakes play in the ecosystem. Through their dedicated work, they highlight the importance of coexistence with these feared creatures instead of destructive conflict.

One of the many captivating elements of Snake City is the dynamic duo’s charisma and engaging dialogues. Their banter often lightens the mood and brings fun moments in an otherwise tense environment. More importantly, their genuine passion for and commitment to their work serve as an inspiring beacon, redefining snakes as necessary components in the balance of nature rather than just menacing predators.

The cinematography in Snake City effectively captures the dangerous and intense moments of capture while simultaneously illustrating the beauty and grace of these scaly beings. The spectacular use of slow-motion and close-ups, paired with the suspenseful soundtrack, amplifies these exhilarating moments. The astounding views of Durban and its surroundings serve as another treat for the viewer, making the show a visual spectacle.

In each episode of Snake City, viewers come face to face with their fears, submerge into the intricate world of snakes, and experience the immense dedication required to preserve our natural world. The frontline view into the risks met by snake catchers, the terrifyingly close encounters with deadly snakes, while continuously educating viewers, undeniably makes Snake City a compelling and educative watch.

In summation, Snake City is more than just a show about snake catching. It’s an intriguing blend of adventure, danger, education, and conservation values. For those seeking adrenaline, interesting facts or lessons on the environment, Snake City proves to be an enriching wild ride through unknown territories. The series with its depiction of the delicate balance of life, the diversity of nature and the intricate responsibility of humans towards other beings, serves as a potent and engaging exploration of the natural world. Its 2015 season merely provided us with a new heightened viewing experience.

Snake City is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 7 seasons with a total of 48 episodes, the show debuted on 2014. The series has earned a no reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at undefined.

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How can I watch Snake City online? Snake City is available on Nat Geo Wild with seasons and full episodes. You can also watch Snake City on demand at FuboTV, National Geographic, Apple TV, Amazon, Google Play online.

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