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The Crown
Phefo cubs are trapped by merciless killers, while she desperately searches for food.

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Outcasts Rising
Tsebe's cubs finally arrive but a fight between the Northern Brothers puts lives at risk.

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Line of Fire
As drought grips the kingdom, mothers battle to save their young from a terrible fate.

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Death of a Dream
Orphaned leopard, Motsidi, makes a heart-breaking decision to leave her mother's forest.

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The Rebellion
After a fight with Thata, the teenagers go it alone, putting themselves in mortal danger.

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A Mother's Sacrifice
To save her beloved pride's cubs, lioness Tsebe, is forced to make a terrible decision.

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Savage Kingdom is an intense, riveting wildlife docu-series from the palatial and untamed landscapes of Africa presented by Nat Geo Wild. Launched in 2016 and extending till 2020, it's a wonderful blend of a storytelling narrative and unparalleled wildlife photography, capturing Mother Nature and her inhabitants at their rawest and most unfiltered.

The series lets the audience dive deep into the heart of the African wilderness, specifically focusing on northern Botswana. The real-life drama unfolds on this savage battlefield, underscoring the rule that in the kingdom of the wild, it's simply survival of the fittest. To survive, each creature - big or small, predator or prey - must hone their instincts, maximize their physicality, and exercise cunning tactics.

Savage Kingdom narrates an intricate, ever-evolving narrative about kingdom clashes, inter-species rivalries, alliances, and power struggles that dictate life and survival. This four-season long series blends drama and nature documentary genres, creating a captivating, exhilarating experience as viewers are taken on a brutal, breathtaking journey into the animal kingdom.

Each episode of Savage Kingdom brings viewers face-to-face with nature's most ferocious animals. Lions, leopards, hyenas, and wild dogs, each with their distinct territories and hierarchies, are key characters. Also showcased, of course, are different animal families, from the multigenerational elephant herds to the solo-hunting prowess of cheetahs and countless other creatures that form part of this intricate web of life.

The narration of Savage Kingdom is hardly the typical 'documentary voice'. Instead, the audience is led through this wild, unforgiving landscape by Charles Dance of 'Game of Thrones' fame, who brings a rich, dramatic tone to the storytelling, adding an unprecedented layer of depth to each episode. His enthralling commentary coupled with the up-close and personal footage of the animal protagonists helps to establish an intimate connection between the audience and the brutal, beautiful realities of life in the wild.

The cinematographers of Savage Kingdom have done an extraordinary job in capturing stunning, ground-breaking visuals. The camera lens catches unique perspectives, the shift of power, alliances formed and broken, epic battles, and tender moments that explore the life-or-death stakes of these majestic creatures in extraordinary detail. It does a remarkable job of illustrating the sacrificial lengths to which these animals will go to protect their own, reign over their territories, and ultimately survive.

Unflinchingly raw and visceral, this innovative wildlife docu-series does not shy away from the harsh realities of nature. It exposes the audience to scenes of unbridled violence, illustrating the brutal 'law of the jungle', but equally portrays moments of vulnerability, tenderness, and parental instincts among these seemingly relentless predators. The storytelling leaves no room for sentimental anthropomorphism; illustrating the raw savagery that governs the animal kingdom is part and parcel of the narrative's honesty and appeal.

The series does not end with just picturing wildlife. It subtly brings to fore the delicate balance of ecosystems, raising pertinent questions about conservation, climate change impacts, and human intrusion into these wilderness areas. It encourages viewers to look beyond the drama and reflect on what these majestic creatures represent in the larger frame of biodiversity and our planet’s health.

At its heart, Savage Kingdom is a story of survival. Every scene, every episode, is a reminder of the merciless rules that govern Mother Nature. It's about who rises and who falls; who eats and who starves; who lives and who dies. It's a tale of epic power struggles, dynastic rivalries, and unyielding survival instincts.

In conclusion, the Savage Kingdom is an adrenaline-charged plunge into the wilds of Africa. It is nature - unrestricted, unvarnished, and uncensored. A spellbinding journey that immerses viewers into a world where it's eat or be eaten, bringing forth the harsh realities of a world untamed. The creators of Savage Kingdom have indeed set a benchmark for nature documentaries, a vivid testament not just to the untamed world they portray, but also to the power and potential of outstanding wildlife filmmaking.

Savage Kingdom is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 22 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.5.

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