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Green Pheonix's Revenge
Green Phoenix confronts his own fears in an effort to challenge a formidable foe. But with Thirteen held captive, he has a tough choice to make.

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The Battle of Chicken Island
Upon arriving at Chicken Island, Prince of Stan and Cola struggle to defeat the powerful White Fox -- but unexpected help is on the way.

Watch Scissor Seven Season 4 Episode 9 Now

While the cats and dogs of Chicken Island prepare for an attack against White Fox, Seven finds himself battling three different poisons in his body.

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Redtooth's Past
Decades after the tragic downfall of the Heaven Lily Sect, Chairman Jiang must confront her former lover, who's been possessed by a demon.

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Huilian's past
In order to save a loved one, Chairman Jiang embarks on a journey to the Heaven Lily Sect, where she and Quan crossed paths a long time ago.

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Crisis on the Island 2
With the arrival of White Fox, a new threat suddenly looms over Chicken Island. As Seven regains consciousness, he receives an intimidating phone call.

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A Night at the Convenience Store
In a convenience store on Chicken Island, Seven's friend Ordinary Assassin confronts an armed robber. But things do not go as planned.

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Rescuing Seven
Dai Bo overcomes a series of hurdles to locate Seven, who is now a target of multiple powerful Shadow assassins.

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Assassinate the Leader
Green Phoenix arrives at the Shadow assassins' headquarters, where he seizes an opportunity to execute a long-awaited plan of revenge.

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The Undead Black Bird
To rescue Thirteen, Seven confronts Blackbird in a heated battle as a secret history of the Flying Bird Sect resurfaces.

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Scissor Seven is a vibrant, animated TV series exclusively available on Netflix. The show first made its mark on the global streaming giant in 2018. Chinese in origin, Scissor Seven stands as a testament to the growing prominence of international animated content in Netflix's portfolio. It is known for its distinctive art style, remarkable characters, comedic touch, and engaging storyline.

At its core, Scissor Seven is a story about an underachieving fast food worker and part-time contract killer. The protagonist, who goes by the moniker "Seven," is not your typical assassin. Instead of donning a dark, menacing aura, Seven can be found sporting a pink robe, often wielding nothing more powerful than a pair of hairdressing shears. Working out of a humble hair salon, Seven’s unusual choice of weapon is a reflection of his unorthodox approach to his work: innovative, unpredictable and more often than not, hysterically funny. His targets run the gamut from mob bosses to unruly pets, each episode presenting a new challenge and a fresh burst of humor.

Seven's ambition is to become the number one contract killer on Chicken Island. However, due to his lack of skill and the fact that he is amnesiac, his goal is far from attainable. Dealing with his memory loss, Seven sets out a valiant endeavor to recover his past and progress in his unusual career. In this way, Scissor Seven combines elements of the suspense category with the humor genre, forming a unique blend of light-hearted, comedic action that is both fun and intriguing.

The artwork and animation in Scissor Seven are vivaciously colorful and unique style that is immediately identifiable. With its beautifully rendered backgrounds, the ambiance of the show evokes a nostalgic sense of traditional Asian spirituality and pop culture aesthetics, meshed with a contemporary design that resonates with modern audiences. Each character is introduced with distinct traits, both in terms of their character design and their personalities. This differentiated approach to character design imparts the series with a charm and a sense of vibrancy, making it a genuinely engaging visual experience.

One of the notable aspects of Scissor Seven is its dialogue. The series is packed with brilliant wordplay and witty banter that forms a substantial chunk of its humor. The comedic beats are timed meticulously, and the tone of the series remains consistently humorous without compromising on the overarching narrative. The writing delivers depth in its character development, they grow episode-by-episode unlocking newer facets of their personalities, making the show more relatable to audiences.

Scissor Seven also explores themes of friendship, loyalty, and self-realization as Seven interacts with various clients, targets, and an array of eccentric characters on Chicken Island. There's Da Bao, Seven's best friend who owns a restaurant and often becomes an unintentional player in Seven's assassination attempts. Then there's Xiaomao, a fellow assassin who serves as both mentor and competitor to Seven. Together, they create a thrilling and hilarious narrative that keeps viewers entertained through its succession of episodes.

Additionally, the series features a robust soundtrack. The music in Scissor Seven complements its various moods, from suspenseful sequences to light-hearted moments, enhancing the overall viewing experience. The opening theme and occasional musical numbers performed by the characters themselves often reflect the myriad of emotions expressed in each episode, ranging from upbeat jingles to melancholic melodies.

Scissor Seven is a unique fusion of styles. Combining elements of both western and eastern animation, it successfully adds a comedic spin to traditional tropes of the assassin genre. Its character-driven storyline, infused with humor and drama, provides an immersive viewing experience. Furthermore, its visually striking animation style enhances its appeal, creating a captivating universe that viewers find themselves drawn to.

To conclude, Scissor Seven is a refreshing change of pace from the usual animated content found on Netflix. With its charming character designs, engaging narrative, humor-filled dialogue, and abundant action, it offers a delightfully quirky watch for viewers in search of something fresh and different.

Scissor Seven is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 4 seasons with a total of 44 episodes, the show debuted on 2018. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.4.

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