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[HBO] HD. 'Trick.' Season finale. Ruby and Billy consider their future as their journey nears its end, while Babe and Laurel follow a lead.

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[HBO] HD. 'Tell.' (Season One) Ruby and Billy argue about their next steps; sparks fly between Laurel and a police detective.

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[HBO] HD. 'Jump.' (Season One) A detour takes a dramatic turn and introduces Ruby and Billy to an obliging local.

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Katrina is a Polish woman who runs a marriage scam with her boyfriend Tomeck, finding European women willing to marry men in order to stay in the UK.

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Richard is a middle-aged addict who is struggling to stay off drugs so that he can re-establish contact with his teenage daughter Sabrina. As events seem to conspire against him, Richard Finds his efforts constantly thwarted and he is soon torn between remaining in the world of his fellow addicts and choosing the harder path which may see him salvage the only relationship that matters to him.

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Ying Is an illegal immigrant from the Fujian province of China who sells pirate DVDs and stolen phones at cafés, pubs and barbershops around Brixton. When an immigration raid leaves her with no friends, no home and no money, Ying Finds her only chance of refuge from the Snakehead Gang she is in debt to in the shape of Jamal, the owner of one of the barbershops she sells her DVDs at, and an unlikely bond forms between the pair.

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Carol Is a single mum whose teenage sons Terry and Dean commit an act of random violence that ends in the death of a stranger. When Carol discovers her sons' involvement in the killing she turns to the boys' estranged father Kieran for help, but soon discovers that when it comes to making the impossible choice between protecting them and doing the right thing, she's on her own.

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Run is a compelling British drama series from Channel 4, which first premiered in 2013. The series is a haunting exploration of inner-city life in London, presented via interconnected stories about survival and the sheer will to press onward in spite of overwhelming difficulties.

Intricately crafted and meticulously executed, this four-part mini-series uses a unique narrative structure that beautifully interweaves the lives of four seemingly unrelated individuals. These four locals of Brixton, a district of South London, each face their own challenging predicaments and are pushed to make life-altering choices under extraordinarily complex circumstances.

The use of a disruptive, non-linear storytelling method introduces viewers to a richer canvas, where even the seemingly insignificant actions or choices can provoke a dramatic change in someone else’s life. It is a testament to the complexity of human interconnectedness in an increasingly impersonal urban environment. The essence of Run is universally human, presenting a common struggle - ordinary people confronted with extraordinary circumstances, highlighting resilience, endurance, and the affirming power of human connections.

At the heart of the series is Carol, played by the brilliant Olivia Colman, who embodies the role of a tough, single mother doing everything she can to protect and provide for her two teenage daughters. A brutal incident forces her to reassess her values and beliefs, prompting her on a desperate mission of redemption.

Nashville star Sam Palladio portrays one of the show’s most memorable and challenging characters, Richard, a heroin addict fighting his own demons, while dealing with the tragic consequences of his actions. His story offers an unflinching look at the plight of addiction and homelessness.

We are then introduced to Ying, an illegal immigrant from Asia who finds herself trapped in a nightmarish reality while striving to carve out an existence in a strange and unforgiving city. Katie Leung delivers a heartrending performance here, capturing the fragility and resilience of a woman living on the fringes of society.

Finally, we meet an innocent teenager, Kasia, whose dreams for a promising future crumble after a shocking event coerces her into a ruthless world of dire desperation and unthinkable choices.

Run presents a multifaceted exploration of life in modern London. It is driven not just by its narrative but also by its visual style. While its heart-breaking subjects are painted with dim grey and blue hues, showcasing the grim reality of the struggles, intermittent moments of love, compassion and bonding provide warmth. This is reflected in the subtle cinematography of the series that places a spotlight on the stark contrast between the affluent, shiny London and the less-glamorous, gritty parts of the city where the characters reside.

The show also skilfully addresses a plethora of social issues such as urban poverty, addiction, immigration and crime without succumbing to cliched depictions or easy answers. Instead, these elements serve to enhance the realism and authenticity of the urban life it aims to portray.

Each episode of Run operates like a stand-alone short film, showcasing individual stories that ultimately intersect in unexpected ways. Despite its somber tone and realistic depiction of human tragedy, there is an underlying message of hope that permeates the narrative.

Run's raw and powerful storytelling gives voice to the voiceless and spotlights the often invisible struggles within a bustling metropolis. Its ensemble cast, consisting of both esteemed actors like Olivia Colman and Colin Salmon as well as fresh faces like Katie Leung and Lennie James, deliver universally affecting performances, making the series an unforgettable watch.

The writing by newcomers Marlon Smith and Daniel Fajemisin-Duncan is nothing short of brilliant, striking a perfect balance between delivering an impactful social commentary and compelling individual dramas.

In conclusion, Run offers a richly textured narrative marked by moments of despair, resilience, redemption, and surprising humanity. It's a powerhouse drama that explores the everyday struggles and survival of the characters with profound grit and honesty. It may feel tough-going at times, given the sensitive subjects it touches, but it is a meticulously crafted piece where all the little details come together to bring about a quantifiable intimate viewing. The magnetic combination of razor-sharp writing, sublime performances, and exquisite storytelling makes Run a must-watch series for those seeking dramatic work with depth and resonance.

Run is a series categorized as a . Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 7 episodes, the show debuted on 2013. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.4.

Crime Drama
Channel 4
Olivia Colman, Katie Leung, Lennie James, Katharina Sch
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