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When St. Patrick's Day Comes Around
Paula cooks the one dish that says it all and we hear from friends, family, and restaurant patrons on the importance of family in today's busy world.

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Fun With Dough
Paula and her husband Michael head out to beautiful Tybee Island, GA where Paula cooks up some local fare and the two spend an evening on the back river.

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The Meatball Has Landed
Charlie and Vincent Russo duke it out over the "right way" to prepare the Southern classic... Low-Country Boil.

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Steak Three Ways
Paula finally reveals her favorite eatery in Savannah to get seafood and takes a trip to the Pin Point Heritage Center where she gets schooled in crabbing.

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BBQ Inside?
Can't tell you yet . . .

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Southern Picnic
Paula "borrows" one of Michael's classic cars for a girl's road-trip picnic to Tybee Island!

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Low Country Friends
Paula's dear friend, Chef Joe Randall prepares some of his favorite Southern dishes.

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Soup's On
Paula heads out to the country to bring some farm to table recipes to life.

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Chocolate, Chocolate, Chocolate
Renowned Chocolatier, Adam Turoni, shows Paula the artistry of some of his most decadent chocolate creations that are easier than any cook could make.

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Return of the Vegan
Paula dives into the history and background of some of the low country's most famous dishes and cooks up her favorite stew for some afternoon fun with family and friends.

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Pizza for Breakfast?
Paula cooks up some favorite desserts for her husband Michael Groover and we hear from some Lady and Sons patrons about which dessert brings them back time and again.

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Pecan Pie
Paula continues her exploration of food and heritage and magic on Daufuskie Island.

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Breakfast Casserole and PB&J
Paula explores the history, heritage, and cuisine of South Carolina's beautiful and historic Daufuskie Island.

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Positively Paula is a half-hour lifestyle and cooking television series that commenced in 2016 and is syndicated across various networks. The show is hosted by the renowned celebrity southern foodie Paula Deen, well-loved and respected for her warm and welcoming demeanor and culinary mastery, especially pertaining to homestyle Southern cooking. Making a transition from her famous cooking show "Paula's Home Cooking" on the Food Network, Paula Deen uses Positively Paula to walk audiences into her personal life, inviting fans to get to know her better amid her kitchen setting and beyond.

Positively Paula is filmed within her home in Savannah, Georgia, affording fans a sneak peek of an intimate world behind the scenes. The show captures the picturesque views of the tranquil marshes, quaint surroundings, and coastal areas contributing to the inherent southern charm that Paula is widely recognized for. However, the show is more than just a picturesque house tour; it is a heartfelt invitation into Paula's world where she shares her life, culinary secrets, family holidays, and philosophies with the audience.

Over the course of each episode, Paula Deen brings to the table an array of delicious recipes. From her classic comfort food dishes to innovative culinary creations that cater to the taste buds of the younger generation, the show becomes a platform for Paula to pass on her vast knowledge of Southern cuisine to her audience. Given Paula's deeply-rooted family values, the dishes often involve her personal stories or family anecdotes, making every meal not just a feast for the palate, but a feast for the heart.

One of the special features of Positively Paula lies in its heartwarming guest list. Often joined by family, friends, and special guests, Paula transforms the show into an interactive series that demonstrates a strong sense of community. This brings an extraordinary sense of warmth and hospitality that shapes the very essence of Positively Paula, further augmenting its overall appeal.

Apart from her Southern cooking expertise, Paula also takes her viewers on a variety of field trips. From working with rising chefs in their own kitchens to chatting with local food artisans to gain insights about their craft, Paula transforms every experience into an opportunity to learn something new. It's not just about being in the kitchen; it's about the diverse world of food and the fascinating stories behind every preparation.

Positively Paula also has wellness at its heart. Grappling with her Type-2 Diabetes diagnosis, Paula learned to modify her dietary habits without sacrificing the flavors she loves. On the show, she shares her journey towards healthier versions of Southern favorites, with inspiring messages about wellness and nourishing food choices that can positively affect viewers' lives.

More than just a cooking show, Positively Paula is a celebration of friendship, family, and food. It shines a spotlight on the kitchen as the heart of a home, where warm stories are shared, hearty laughs are experienced, valuable lessons are learned, and unforgettable memories are created. Paula's radiant personality, coupled with her wonderful recipes and personal narratives, make the show a delightful watch. Audiences are invited to participate in a charming blend of nostalgia, gourmet, inspiration, and southern hospitality, all presented through Paula's warm and engaging style.

In all, Positively Paula serves as a testament to Paula Deen's enduring love for food and family. It showcases her resilience and adaptability amidst personal and professional challenges, turning every life lesson into a story worth sharing. It underscores her belief in the incredible magic of the kitchen - a place that brings people together, a place where love, laughter, and good food abound.

Watching Positively Paula, is like being welcomed home - a home where every dish has a story to tell, and every meal is a symphony of love, care, and delicious flavors. It is a show that kindles warmth in your heart and tickles the taste buds with the sheer joy of delightful meals. It gives viewers a chance to have a hearty and joyful experience through the inviting eyes of Paula Deen - The Queen of Southern Cuisine.

Positively Paula is a series categorized as a currently airing. Spanning 2 seasons with a total of 26 episodes, the show debuted on 2016. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.2.

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