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To The Death
Panic erupts when a mysterious sniper begins killing the residents of Kansas City one by one. Will and Kate race to catch the shooter, unaware that the gunman has his sights set on the very heart of the Pinkerton Agency.

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The Better Angels of Our Nature
A reading of an incendiary biography of famed Confederate spy Rose Greenhow by her daughter includes scandalous allegations about Allan Pinkerton. When the book's publisher turns up dead, Will and Kate must find the killer - and clear Allan's good name.

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Robert Pinkerton is in Kansas City to conduct Will and Kate's annual performance review. When Robert raises questions about their partnership, Will and Kate's loyalties will be tested.

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Murder on the Western Express
Kate and Will take on a case where client and victim are one and the same, after the coach bringing their new employer to Kansas City arrives with a gruesome cargo - a trio of bodies, the victims of foul play.

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Think of the Children
When a childrens' charity administrator is found murdered on the eve of a benefit dinner, the Pinkertons go undercover in Kansas City high society.

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Forever Free
Will and Kate investigate the disappearance of a member of the Buffalo Soldiers, a recently-formed regiment of black soldiers.

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Mudd and Clay
The Pinkertons are tasked to protect a notorious criminal housed at the Dubois while awaiting trial. But when a brutal snowstorm traps them in the hotel and the locals get wind of the monster in their midst, Kate and Will find themselves facing a dangerous mob.

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On Account of Huckleberries
The Pinkertons tackle their first cold case after a skeleton turns up on the outskirts of Kansas City. When the search for a suspect leads them to Logan's doorstep, Will and Kate must face the possibility that the Sheriff is a killer.

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Old Pap
A murder coincides with the arrival of notorious Confederate General Sterling Price in Kansas City. As the Pinkertons investigate, Kate finds herself in grave danger when she comes face to face with an old enemy.

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Frontier Desperados
A young woman's husband is abducted and the Pinkertons are hired to negotiate his release, but when the ransom drop goes wrong, the race is on to save the man before it's too late.

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Will and Kate investigate a murder involving four former Civil War nurses who are bound together by a terrible secret.

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The Devil's Trade
When a medium's prediction of murder comes true, Kate and Will are hired by a troupe of spiritualists for a case that will test their deductive skills - and challenge their beliefs.

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The Sweet Science
Will grows jealous when an old friend of Kate's comes to town with a traveling boxing league. But when her friend is accused of murder, Kate will have to choose between her feelings for the man and her duty to the Pinkertons

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In Marm's Way
The Pinkertons get more than they bargained for when a peddler from New York City goes missing, and a blast from John Bell's past threatens his freedom.

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To the Sunset
When a member of the Chippewa Tribe is murdered in town, Will and Kate must unlock the truth from the only witness - a 12-year-old Sioux boy who doesn't speak English - before a race war breaks out in Kansas City.

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The Case of the Dead Dog
An investigation that begins with a dead dog quickly spirals out of control when Will and Kate find themselves in the middle of a dangerous feud between local farmers, and the railroad barons who want their land.

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Lines of Betrayal
Will and Kate uncover a mystery that hits too close to home when a fellow Pinkerton Agent is murdered, and Allan returns to Kansas City to oversee the investigation.

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The Hero of Liberty Gap
When a young, idealistic Civil War hero is attacked during a campaign speech, the Pinkertons are pulled into an even dirtier world than they're used to -- politics.

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The Fourth Man
It's a trail of murder, mystery and revenge as Kate and Will step into an international case between America and Japan.

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The Play's the Thing
Will and Kate get more drama than they bargained for when an actor dies during a performance of "Hamlet", and Will is forced to go undercover as a member of a traveling theater troupe.

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Double Shot
When a whiskey magnate is found stabbed to death in a brothel, the Pinkertons are hired by the dead man's widow to find the prostitute she suspects robbed, then murdered, her wealthy husband. Clashing with Kansas City's Sheriff, Kate and Will begin to suspect that the now-missing prostitute may have been framed.

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Kansas City
William (Will) Pinkerton has been assigned to investigate a series of bank robberies in and around booming Kansas City. When thieves rob a train (the first time a train has been robbed!

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The Pinkertons is a riveting period crime drama, first aired in syndication from 2014 to 2015. The show takes its roots and inspiration from the real-life Pinkerton National Detective Agency, which was a pivotal force in shaping law enforcement ideologies and methodologies in the United States.

Set in the heart-striking backdrop of the post-Civil War era, the narrative unfolds in the mid-1800s Kansas City. Its enticing stories revolve around the diverse cases handled by the legendary Pinkerton's Detective Agency that made a niche for themselves, navigating through a landscape of lawlessness in a fledgling nation.

The primary characters driving these detective stories are the agency's founder, Allan Pinkerton, his son, William, and a fiery Southern belle, Kate Warne, considered to be the first female private detective in history. The series employs a slightly fictionalized version of these historical figures and adds dramatic depth to their professional and personal relationships.

The Pinkertons shines through its focused narrative around real and historically significant cases. Each episode is independent, offering a thrilling standalone tale intriguingly bound to historical mysteries and crimes. The procedural format fused with the magnetism of episodic storytelling keeps the audience hooked while the threads of overarching character arcs run in parallel. From train robberies to espionage, from fierce gun duels to intellectual combat, the endless reel of cases possesses a unique aura and intensity.

William Pinkerton, portrayed by Jacob Blair, is the younger of the Pinkertons, fresh from serving in the Union Army during the Civil War. He brings war-hardened grittiness and a curious mind to the table while showing respect and admiration for his father's legacy. Offering contrast to his character, Kate Warne, played by Martha MacIsaac, is a Southern belle with a revolutionary spirit. Despite the gender bias of the time, Kate's sharp intelligence, deceptive charm, and wit allow her to carve a distinct impression in the male-dominated Pinkerton Agency.

Through her character, the show delves into the challenges and prejudices faced by women in the field and how she rises above them. Allan Pinkerton, portrayed by Angus Macfadyen, is shown as a man of immense wisdom, creating a foundation for his son and Kate to mature into seasoned detectives. Macfadyen's portrayal of Allan is aggressively intelligent, effortlessly lending credibility to the man who was known to be Lincoln's protector and secret service pioneer.

With a palpable chemistry amongst leading characters and historical authenticity, the Pinkertons paints a meticulous picture of America's vigilant past during a tumultuous period. It also breaks away from the stereotypical Western fixations, focusing instead on urban civilization and the nuances of detective work during those times.

The quality of the show is enhanced with the attention to period detail, costumes, and authentic production design, collectively contributing to the nineteenth-century landscapes. Meanwhile, the show seamlessly incorporates real historical figures and situations into its narrative, thereby adding a layer of authenticity over the captivating crime stories.

However, the soul of the Pinkertons is its storytelling – a classic blend of action and cerebral adventure. The show caters to lovers of crime-solving and mystery, replete with an intriguing plot in each episode while maintaining an ease of understanding without being too dense or convoluted. This is further accentuated by the show's commitment to maintaining some level of historical accuracy, providing insights into American history, society, and culture in the late nineteenth century.

The Pinkertons is a timeless portrayal of America's iconic detective agency. It provides a perfect blend of crime, mystery, action, and dramatic narratives. Amid investigations and pursuits, the series is also a portrait of its characters' growth, their changing relationships, and their resilience against the conventional norms of society. In its essence, the Pinkertons is a show that invites viewers to travel back in time to the riveting world of old-school detective work.

The Pinkertons is a series categorized as a canceled/ended. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 22 episodes, the show debuted on 2014. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 6.7.

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