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Follow the Money
Lieutenant Underpants leads Scream and his men on a mission to guard a convoy traveling the most dangerous road in the world; Bo is awarded the Purple Heart; Anna leaves Sergio.

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Weapons of Mass Destruction
Tariq clashes with an Iraqi soldier as the team hunts down a bomber; Bo fights with his father; Anna and Sergio decide to consummate their relationship.

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The soldiers clash with a Frenchwoman who runs an orphanage; Terry searches for answers when Bo's paychecks go missing; Sergio distances himself from Anna.

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Suicide Rain
With the help of an unstable medic, Angel tries to win the release of a soldier being held hostage; Vanessa tries to undo the damage she caused while she was drinking.

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Spoils of War
The soldiers debate what to do after they find five million dollars in cash inside an Iraqi house; Mrs. B returns to her unit; Terry investigates Bo's discharge options after Bo stops touching her.

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Situation Normal
A civilian contractor stirs up trouble in a small village controlled by an Imam; still AWOL, Mrs. B travels to Los Angeles.

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Mission Accomplished
The soldiers are assigned to guard an Iraqi prison; Mrs. B returns stateside after her son is diagnosed with autism.

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It's Alright Ma, I'm Only Bleeding
The soldiers volunteer for a dangerous mission to rescue kidnapped reporter John Moffet; Vanessa is led away by MPs after she crashes her car; Bo returns home.

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Smoke becomes the focus of a military investigation after a war correspondent videotapes an Iraqi child and his mother being gunned down; Smokes' mother suffers a stroke; Bo gets a prosthetic leg.

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I Want My Toilets!
The soldiers grapple with the moral dilemma of killing an Iraqi who may or may not be a spotter for mortar fire; Eddy runs away from home; Bo wants to begin physical therapy so he can return to his unit.

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The Prisoner
A mysterious man interrogates a rebel that Scream and his men took prisoner, hoping to flush out the location of some hidden Stinger missiles; Bo decides to go off morphine; Sergio attends a family support group meeting.

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Roadblock Duty
Bo reunites with his estranged father at a hospital in Germany; the soldiers react when an Arab-American joins their unit; Scream and his men must stop insurgents from fleeing a nearby town.

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A group of six young soldiers faces the horror of the war in Iraq when they come under enemy fire near a mosque where insurgents have holed up.

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Over There, an intense war drama first aired on the Fox network in 2005. Developed by Steven Bochco and Chris Gerolmo, the show offers a chilling yet stirring look into the lives of soldiers stationed in Iraq, during a time of tense conflict and turmoil. The series stands out for its unflinching portrayal of the brutal realities of war, as seen from both home and the battlefield, making it a heart-rending watch.

Occupying the center stage of the story is Private Derrick 'Smoke' Underwood, played by Josh Henderson. Derrick is a young and committed infantryman braving the war zone, away from the comforts and safety of home. As the boots hit the ground in the perilous landscapes of the Middle East, the plot dives deep into the personal stories of Derrick and his fellow men in Alpha Company's Third Squad, an eclectic ensemble of soldiers each carrying their own baggage of hopes, fears, and uncertainties.

Over There paints a realistic picture of war - far from the glory and honor that patriotic narratives often uphold as the appeal of the battlefield. It puts you in the trenches with the soldiers, grappling with fear, stress, and the ever-present danger. It combines action and drama to present a gripping tale of human determination, camaraderie, courage, and sacrifice. Throughout the series, the complexities of war are highlighted, not only on the physical front but also on the emotional, psychological, and moral fronts.

Turning the lens back home, Over There also explores the impact the war has on the families the soldiers left behind. The struggles of these households, wrestling with the void left by their loved ones, are a stark reminder of the human cost of war beyond the battlefield. It is the lives of these affected families that lend the narrative a strong emotional resonance, tirelessly drawing attention to the domestic consequences of international conflicts.

Josh Henderson, in his portrayal of Smoke, effectively narrates the personal transformation of a man subjected to the harsh realities of war. He delivers a striking performance, oscillating between the hard-edged soldier ready to fulfill his duty and a sensitive individual who yearns for the normalcy of a life left behind.

The rest of the cast also presents commendable performances. Luke MacFarlane, Erik Palladino, Keith Robinson, Sticky Fingaz, and Nicki Aycox, among others, knitted together in the tight mesh of Alpha Company's Third Squad, showcase a blend of unique personalities, each dealing with the unforgiving circumstances in their own ways.

Over There is a milestone in television programming in the sense that it captures the granular reality of American soldiers engaged in a current, ongoing conflict. It was the first primetime television series to do so, a risky move considering the emotional sensitivities around the Iraq war happening at the time. The series didn't shy away from portraying taboo topics like post-traumatic stress disorder, death, drug use among soldiers, and civilian casualties, thiis authenticity is what sets Over There apart.

The shooting style of Over There adds to its engrossing narrative. Intricate choreography, along with superb cinematography, crafts a visually appealing, yet unsettling picture of the war-torn landscapes. One can almost feel the grit, tension, and adrenaline-pumping action in the well-executed combat sequences, enhancing the show's overall impact.

Drawing its strength from a well-written script, solid performances, and a relentless dramatic tension, Over There is a compelling watch, exploring the untold stories of everyday heroes and the far-reaching effects of war. It walks a fine line between being critical and appreciative of war, presenting a balanced outlook on the subject matter.

In essence, Over There is not simply a war drama. It's a potent probe into the human condition amid chaos, the toll of war on both soldiers and their families, and the struggle to maintain one's identity in the face of relentless adversity. For those seeking a series that combines intense action sequences with deeply emotional storytelling, Over There offers an experience that is both poignant and profound.

Over There is a series categorized as a canceled. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 13 episodes, the show debuted on 2005. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.8.

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