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Chapter 9: The Sun and the Moon
A fateful battle begins in Teca between Lord Mictlan and his army and Maya and her allies. But how will it all end?

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Chapter 8: The Bat and the Owl
After flying from danger, a devastated Maya sends her friends to warn their kingdoms that Lord Mictlan is coming. Lady Micte opens her heart.

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Chapter 7: The Divine Gate
Help springs from a surprising source when Maya and the Three come face-to-face with Lord Mictlan. In the end, a noble friend makes a selfless sacrifice.

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Chapter 6: Maya and the Three
Lord Mictlan's army attacks Teca, but Maya and her friends fight back. When the gods return, a second battle reveals strengths they didn't know they had.

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Chapter 5: The Puma
A burly Golden Mountain Barbarian named Picchu joins Maya's party as the third foretold warrior. Later that night, Zatz confronts Maya about her motives.

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Chapter 4: The Skull
A search for the Jungle Lands' legendary Skull Archer leads Maya and Rico to a gifted warrior: the reclusive Chimi, known to locals as "Monstruo Blanco.

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Chapter 3: The Rooster
On Luna Island, Maya looks for the Rooster Wizard but winds up with the seemingly ordinary Rico, who's said to be "The Greatest Wizard Who Ever Lived.

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Chapter 2: The Prophecy
A crushing loss sheds new light on an age-old prophecy, sending Maya on a far-flung quest to find three warriors who will help her save the world.

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Chapter 1: Quinceañera
On the day of Maya's coronation, an uninvited guest from the Underworld arrives with shocking news about her origins

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Maya and the Three is a one-of-a-kind animated limited series on Netflix that enthralls with its rich, fantastically-designed realm inspired by Mesoamerican mythology and culture. Launched in 2021, this visually stunning show, teeming with bold and memorable characters, comes from the creative genius of Jorge Gutiérrez, the celebrated director of The Book of Life and El Tigre: The Adventures of Manny Rivera. The series revolves around Maya, a rebellious warrior princess. Daughter to the rulers of a prosperous city situated between the earthly realm and the heavens, Maya is an inspiring and vibrant young woman. The narrative begins with the preparations for her fifteenth birthday, a widely anticipated event filled with ceremonial milestones. Unbeknownst to her, Maya is not just the royal princess but also designated to be the world's champion following an ancient prophecy. However, Maya's destiny takes a dramatic turn when the gods call in an old debt, and her parents decide to sacrifice her for the greater good. And so, our fierce princess embarks on an epic quest to save humanity from the vengeful gods. Maya and the Three is a compelling tale of adventure and self-discovery. Maya sets off on her journey to recruit legendary warriors — the three of the title, who are larger than life in every sense. Each of them has unique traits, abilities, and fascinating backstories that weave seamlessly into the larger narrative. These characters, far from being just sidekicks, play an integral part in Maya's heroic quest and personal growth. The allure of the series lies in its storytelling, striking visual aesthetics, and character development. The series embraces the cultural heritage of Mesoamerica, skillfully integrating myths, legends, and history into its narrative fabric. This lends the show an enchanting and immersive quality that lets viewers lose themselves in the captivating universe of the Mesoamerican world. Maya and the Three stands out with illuminating depictions of gods and demi-gods, mythical creatures, epic battles, and the struggle between good and evil. Moreover, the show's visual storytelling encapsulates the spirit of Mesoamerican art and design, adding another substantial layer to the viewing experience. Maya, as the central character, breaks the stereotype of a traditional Disney princess. She is bold, assertive, and audacious, with strengths and fears that make her relatable. Maya allows her vulnerability to shine through her armor, making her journey much more impactful. Her transformation throughout the series, as she learns valuable lessons about life, leadership, and sacrifice is the heart of the storyline. All of this is conveyed with utmost precision without compromising the nuances of her character or the potency of her passion and intensity. The series boasts a star-studded voice cast comprising talents such as Zoe Saldana, Diego Luna, Gabriel Iglesias, and Alfred Molina, to mention a few. Their performances breathe life into the intriguing characters, adding depth and layer to their personality, making the fictional world feel real. At its core, Maya and the Three is not just an adventure-filled narrative but also a celebration of diversity and cultural heritage. The series stands as a testament to the importance and potential of diverse storytelling in the world of animation. Not only does it bring the beautiful nuances of Mesoamerican culture to the forefront, but it also lays the groundwork for dialogue about tradition, gender roles, and the universal themes of love, bravery, sacrifice, and standing up for what's right. Maya and the Three also surprises with its musical elements, reinforcing the narrative's emotional weight while also acting as cultural touchstones. The show's endearing array of musical numbers — be it folk, ballads, or grand orchestral pieces — are all beautifully crafted to enhance storytelling and evoke the desired emotions. The background score, with its traditional instruments and rhythms, aurally invokes an authentic Mesoamerican ambiance. In conclusion, Maya and the Three is a visual and narrative feast that attempts to take animation storytelling in a new direction. The show is a celebration of the richness of human storytelling and a reflection on our shared past, present, and future, embodied in Maya's thrilling adventure. With its engaging characters, intricate mythology, stunning visuals, and gripping storyline, Maya and the Three is poised to leave a lasting impression on viewers of all ages. For those desiring to dive into a fantastical world filled with mythology, magic, humor, emotion, memorable tunes, and breathtaking adventures, this animated series is a must-watch!

Maya and the Three is a series categorized as a new series. Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 9 episodes, the show debuted on 2021. The series has earned a mostly positive reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 8.1.

Zoe Saldana, Jorge R. Gutiérrez, Dee Bradley Baker
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