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Episode 10
Suze suspects a major company of being involved in a pyramid scheme that also affects Thaddeus Boarding School where Valentijn was raised and risks her career to warn Valentijn. When Valentijn digs deeper into the case, he soon becomes involved in a conspiracy and must put his own life at stake to help the school.

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Episode 9
While preparing for a production of Shakepeare€™s MacBeth, the theater director becomes the victim of an acid attack. Valentijn goes undercover as the new fight choreographer to find the perpetrator, and Suze is approached by a photographer who has evidence against the offender.

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Episode 8
Suze knows the Beaufort family from her youth and asks Valentijn to discreetly look into the shady businessman trying to purchase their family estate. Valentijn and Suze join the Beauforts on the estate where they both compete in the annual hunt.

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Episode 7
Valentijn poses as a writer documenting the anniversary of a famous ball in order to get closer to suspects threatening to rob the attendees. Despite his best efforts, the valuable jewelry of one wealthy family is stolen before the ball, so Valentijn must work to retrieve it.

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Episode 6
Suze requests Valentijn€™s help in entertaining renowned violinist Monica Altobelli. He is honored to accompany the musician in between performances, but the fun is soon off when Monica's Stradivarius violin disappears.

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Episode 5
Valentijn decides to visit his old classmate, Jean-Paul van Garderen, who just became head of the medical faculty, where samples of a lethal virus have gone missing. When one of Garderen€™s colleagues dies from an infection from the stolen virus, it appears to be murder.

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Episode 4
Suze€™s mentor, Simon den Oever, is killed in a terrible car accident. When it is found that the brakes were sabotaged, Suze believes Valentijn knows a witness to the accident and recruits him to investigate.

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Episode 3
Information about Suze€™s newest case triggers memories for Valentijn of his past. To help Suze, Valentijn checks himself in to the Huize Boschrust, a psychiatric clinic for the wealthy.

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Episode 2
When Valentijn realizes a painting he owns-'Girl in Kimono', a Breitner-is a forgery, he joins Suze at the Municipal Museum in The Hague to find information about the false Breitner. But while there, an exhibition by an artist who makes sculptures of deceased human bodies goes horribly wrong.

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Episode 1
Private detective, Valentijn Rixtus Bentinck Valentine sneaks into a party. In a series of unfortunate coincidences, Valentijn is arrested and becomes the prime suspect in a murder case.

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Lord & Master is an engaging and captivating Dutch language series available on Acorn TV. This crime-drama series, originally titled "Heer and Meester" in Dutch, showcases the charming life of a modern-day gentleman detective, Valentijn Bentinck.

The series begins with a riveting background story of the main character, Valentijn, who was found as a baby under mysterious circumstances in an orphanage and has a curious past that remains largely unknown to him. Valentijn grew up with a silver spoon in his mouth, provided by an anonymously designated trust fund. Raised amidst affluence in the elite social circles of The Hague, Valentijn turned out to be dashingly handsome, suave and sophisticated. However, his character is not limited to the boundaries of opulence. He has a quirky personality, which is as enigmatic as his puzzling past.

In addition to his lavish lifestyle, Valentijn has a peculiar knack for solving mysteries. Whether they fall into his lap or he seeks them out, Valentijn is drawn toward enigmas that others cannot unravel. With a remarkable memory and resourceful problem-solving skills, Valentijn has a unique capability to piece together any puzzle that comes his way. This penchant for problem-solving and a desire for thrill make him more than just a man of means. He becomes the 'go-to' person to solve mysteries that leave others baffled.

Throughout the series, Valentijn partners with the unyielding and diligent public prosecutor, Suze. Suze, with her strong sense of justice, is often exasperated by Valentijn’s casual but effective approach to solving the cases. Nonetheless, this unlikely duo proves to be highly effective and their dynamic relationship unfolds through the series, forming the backbone of many engaging narratives.

What sets Lord & Master apart from other detective series is the character's integration with society's upper crust. Valentijn's extraordinary upbringing, lavish lifestyle, and social maneuverings make the series a mix of crime-solving excitement and high society entertainment. His encounters with the rich and famous provide an inside look into an extravagant world full of luxury and glamour, making the show a delightful blend of detective drama and high-class exploration.

The series does not lose sight of Valentijn's personal quest - his search for his own roots. Amid the chaos of solving other people's mysteries, Valentijn is on a journey to uncover his own past, to figure out who left him at the orphanage and why. This intriguing subplot adds depth to his character and keeps viewers eager for more revelations about Valentijn’s life.

Lord & Master also incorporates humor, romance, and a touch of pathos into its storylines. The natural charm and wit of Valentijn, his fascinating romantic escapades and the various distinctive characters he encounters throughout his detective adventures make the series a delightful and entertaining watch.

The show is beautifully filmed in The Hague, and the setting becomes a character in itself. The picturesque backdrop of the city's famous landmarks, and the stunning views of the Dutch coastline, add a distinct richness to the visually pleasing narratives.

The series is brought to life by a talented cast led by Daan Schuurmans as Valentijn Bentinck and Sytske van der Ster as Suze. Their performances are seamless and engaging, with the right balance of charisma and emotional depth.

Lord & Master makes a substantial mark as a detective drama with its unique blend of humor, mystery, high society, and intrigue. The fusion of an engaging narrative, intriguing characters, and subtle charm in its storytelling sets it apart, offering more than just a binge-worthy series but a journey into a world that mixes elite society with crime-solving adventures. This series will hold particular appeal for viewers who delight in mysteries, admire the lavish lifestyle of the upper class, and have a soft spot for quirky, yet compelling characters. So, get ready to dive into the fascinating life of Valentijn Bentinck – the quintessential Lord & Master.

Lord & Master is a series categorized as a returning series. Spanning 3 seasons with a total of 21 episodes, the show debuted on 2014. The series has earned a no reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at undefined.

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