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Checkered Flag: Victory
After the back of his car implodes, Andr Lotterer throws caution to the wind to claw back the time,putting in the quickest laps of the race. But even Lotterer knows hes pushing his luck - brake a metertoo late here and youre done.

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Night Riders
Mark Webber sits in the pits serving his co-driver

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Racing on the Edge
Darkness blankets one of the worlds most treacherous car races - an event thats claimed over ahundred lives - including that of Allan Simonsen, teammate of Aston Martins Darren Turner. As Turnerbattles to keep his concentration in the dark, the fact that hes left behind his newborn baby to race theperilous track doesnt escape him.

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Family Ties
Porsche and Audi begin their brutal 24-hour dogfight for the lead while Jann Mardenborough

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Start Your (1,000 Horsepower) Engines
Over 250,000 fans from across the globe descend on Le Mans to make the race one of the highest

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Steve McQueen's "Mount Everest" of Racing
Porsche, Audi and Nissan prepare to scale the Mount Everest of Motorsport. Porsche hang their hopes on F1 veteran, Mark Webber, who's nearly died on the course twice.

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Le Mans: Racing is Everything is an intense, riveting, and richly-produced sport documentary series from Amazon that delves into one of the most prestigious, prominent, and toughest automobile racing events in the world, the Le Mans 24 Hours. The series premiered in 2017 and since then has captivated not just motorsport enthusiasts but also general viewers with a penchant for engrossing narratives, powerful human stories, and the titillating allure of speed and competition.

Focused entirely on the Le Mans endurance race, the show takes viewers on an adrenaline-fueled journey through the history, the madness, and the sheer thrill that surrounds it. Known as the 'Mount Everest of Motorsports', Le Mans is more than just a race; it serves as the ultimate test of fortitude, teamwork, technical prowess, human ingenuity, and sheer determination. The series brings to light the Herculean tasks the drivers and their teams must undertake in preparation for the grueling competition.

One of the key aspects that set Le Mans: Racing is Everything apart from other sports documentaries is the unprecedented access to six of the teams participating in the prestigious race: Porsche, Audi, Nissan, Toyota, Aston Martin and Rebellion. The series provides an intimate look at these motoring giants, granting viewers the exclusive chance to catch a glimpse behind-the-scenes of their operations, race strategies, and most importantly, the colossal efforts of the men and women behind the wheel.

With a runtime of about 50 minutes per episode, the six-part series does an exemplary job of humanizing racers, who often are seen as daredevil speedsters on a reckless quest for glory. Here, they are portrayed as passionate individuals battling not just their searing-fast opponents but also the sundry challenges the 24-hour race unflinchingly throws at them, including unpredictable weather, technical glitches, physical exhaustion, and mental pressure.

The series is more than just about car races; it provides an insight into sweat, tears, grit, and glory that encapsulate Le Mans. It highlights the history, politics, and the business of this world-famous race, and the professional rivalries that add another layer of tension to the contests. The profiles of the drivers, their personal motivations, and backstories, interwoven into the fabric of the series, provide a holistic view of the racing world. Viewers are bound to relate to the emotions of these courageous drivers who share their fears, goals, dreams, and synonymize the finish line with their life purpose.

Adding to the series' aesthetic charm is its commendable cinematography that vividly captures the tension and frenzy of the matches, the electrifying atmosphere of the racing circuit filled with enthusiastic crowds, and the breathtaking visuals of the Le Mans countryside where the races take place. There are several adrenaline-charged on-track action sequences that effectively relay the high-speed perilous battleground and painstaking physical endurance that make up this race.

The attention to detail is also reflected in the series' sound design. The resonating roars of high-performance engines, the screeching tires, and the overwhelming crowd noise— every sound contributes to an immersive experience which grips the audience, keeping them hooked to the exciting world of endurance racing.

Moreover, the series offers a thoughtful balance between interviews of key figures, narrations about the tactical elements of the races, and thrilling visuals of the fast-paced racing actions. The insightful commentary from racing experts and interviews with team managers, mechanics and drivers offer viewers a deeper understanding of what goes into preparing for such a challenging race, and mirrors the complexities of the sport that normally remain unseen by the general public.

In conclusion, Le Mans: Racing is Everything is a well-rounded, engrossing and captivating documentary series. It's not just for the motorhead or the racing enthusiast, but also for anyone who appreciates a good, intense human story. With its combination of human-interest narratives, high-stakes rivalry, and the tension and exhilaration of one of the world's most grueling motor races, it's a must-watch for anyone interested in the passions, perils, and people who populate the fast-paced world of professional motorsport.

Le Mans: Racing is Everything is a series categorized as a . Spanning 1 seasons with a total of 6 episodes, the show debuted on 2017. The series has earned a moderate reviews from both critics and viewers. The IMDb score stands at 7.2.

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